June 2013 – Crystalline Transformaztions

We come out of the Demolition Derby of last month with New Revelations, Epiphanies, and Clarity.  The wrecked vehicles are being towed to the Car Repair Shop for an inconceivable cosmic realignment.  Our vehicles are being stripped down and rebuilt to new specifications.  It’s the Crystal Vessel Version Upgrade.  We are being redesigned to carry Maximum Light & Shakti.  Like the original James Bond 007 vehicle, we are being equipted with phenomenal gadgets, knobs, and spiritual weapons that we are just “realizing.”  June’s Moon is a time to test drive and train these new “rides.”

GAIA’s resonance and ring are activating this Crystalline Transformation.  Our eyes are opening to “see” more spectrums of light.  Our ears opening to “hear” more octaves and frequencies of Sound; Our taste buds heightened; Our psychic senses more fully and instantly accessible.  We are being guided by intuition rather than information.  Things are changing!

GAIA is sounding the call to her Special Forces and  enlisting new recruits for her Green Revolution.  The guarantees and benefit package for enrollment include:

  • JOY – The essential promise of GAIA service is joy… a sense of inner delight and bliss… expanded and extended states of ecstasy and presence.  BE HERE NOW.  As we tune into her Resonance, each of us will get an individual special assignment.  Just listen for your cue.
  • LOOK GOOD – When we enhance and create beauty in our environment, we become more attractive… in every sense of the word.  We create a force field that actually bends the spins of the Universe to our pleasure and design.
  • FEEL GOOD – Service to Pachu Mama is fueled by inspiration, excitement, and clear direction.  Everything is done “con gusto”… with pleasure.  In the flow of Grace, Life is EASY.
  • SYNCHRONATION & SYNCOPATION – Life magically occurs before us in a superbly orchestrated Divine sequence.  There is a palpable cadence and rhythm, filled with unexpected connections,  chance meetings, new opportunities and gifts that can lift us into “Life as a Dance.”  In a word, MIRACLES happen here.

SO, anything that doesn’t contain JOY – BEAUTY – RHYTHM – MIRACLES is NOT your assignment!  … and each of us has a different assignment.  Don’t worry, EVERY THING that is NOT on our path is crumbling beneath its own density.  It is easy to read the road signs and tell them apart.

Join GAIA’s Band Wagon in Revolution.  Serve Mama Earth and make Her your Master.

This lunar cycle is time to get acquainted with our crystalline carrying vehicles.  

Embrace abandon.  ZOOM – ZOOM – ZOOM!

Amor y Luz, Annandi

“Every Body has to serve Some Body” … Bob Dylan

Super MOON on June 23rd.

Be in full gear by the time the EARTH passes PLUTO on July 1st.

And have faith.  Rennaissance is the theme of July’s lunation, beginning July 6th.   By mid July the SUN highlights the beautiful conjunctions we saw in the night skies in May.  JUPITER and VENUS are joined by VESTA, the HIGH PRIESTESS.  Artists and ART in all its forms will be imbued with Passion, Value, Money, and Allure.

Heads up! Artists. Dancers, Writers, Poets, Musicians, Designers, Gardeners, Cooks, etc.  this is your time to Shine.  Your works of art will enjoy the blessings of the High Priestess herself through the rest of the summer.  Create something that captures your spirit.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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3 Responses to June 2013 – Crystalline Transformaztions

  1. claire says:

    Thank you Annie, nice month ahead! love, light and sparkles

  2. Tammy says:

    I truly adore you Annie,,, Your a shiny star in the New Moon Sky:) Tammy……

  3. G says:

    Love u mama Annie . thank you 🙂

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