May New Moon: The Path to Becoming

resonance.webWe continue to be under the effects of Extraordinary Heavens… calling forth extraordinary change and transformation.  On April 27th the largest gamma burst ever recorded hit the EARTH, coming out of the constellation LEO.  We have 3 Eclipses in a row.  The second “the Eclipse Sandwich,” as it is being called, occurs on this month’s Full Moon, May 25th. .  We have 3 new comets appearing in our skies this year. We don’t know exactly what these things mean, but following the “As Above, So below” principle, we can expect extra-ordinary events on EARTH to mirror the celestial shows.

The effects of the Pisces transits in April, featuring MARS and URANUS brought shocking shifts to the consciousness.  The Boston Bombings, Fertilizer Plant Explosions in Texas, and Rebellions in Syria are just some examples of the overt conflicts, which are changing the course of action all over the planet.  These transits necessarily affect us on both a personal and collective level.  Most of us have experienced some kind of shattering, explosion, or rebellion in our personal lives.  April’s Lunar cycle was designed to re-order our priorities and have us look newly at the path before us.  Each of us is to deeply ask again, “Who am I? and “What am I doing here?” or perhaps, more relevant, “Who am I BEING?”

This simple question can be much more devastating than it would seem.  A surrender of ALL old issues, stories, judgments, worries, fears, etc. (recent or ancient), is essential to becoming.  The enlightenment path begins with break-down… a more empowering word is “break-out”.  A shattering of old beliefs, particularly around “who we think we are” or “what others think of us” is absolutely fundamental in order to redefine and redesign our lives.  In this year of the Water Snake, we are faced with shattering our illusions and delusions, and revealing the sludge and muddy waters beneath the surface lies.  [Not exactly a time for pretty or polite…  More like driving in a demolition derby.  Wreckage is part of the contest.]

Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance


As the EARTH spins and circles the SUN, she makes a sound… She hums along… with a distinct vibration and song.

During Galactic Night, her VOICE  had been muffled by the density of distraction.  The acoustics of Galactic Dawn are akin to entering a Grand Concert Hall.  Since December Solstice, Her “Hum” has been elevated and amplified.

Schumann+Resonance1.wbThis “Field of Resonance” surrounding the globe is informing us, transforming and transmuting us within its heightened clarity.  The Ring of Her Resonance is awakening the Kundalini flows to levels not experienced for 26,000 years.  States of BEING, never before available to human beings, are here.

Each of us has our own path to discover.  And everyone has their own discovery dance.  Truth is not “what’s so”, facts, or data.  Truth resides in resonance.  Does something resonate with you or not? Can you dance with it?   We have no history or knowledge to guide us in our potential becoming.  We can only follow our own sense of the pull.  Listen to your inner voice.  GAIA insists we harmonize with her new song… and move from our joy and vision.

harmonicsGreenOn May 10th the New Moon begins the Taurus Lunar Cycle.  This month is about sending our roots down to the center of the EARTH and laying the foundations for the NEW EARTH.   Deeper connections with our environment, plants, animals, and each other are receiving our attention.

The cycle begins with MERCURY and MARS joined in Aries, opposing SATURN.  Expect more conflict and rebellion against the established authorities and institutions.  We are in a crucial transition time.  Each of us is being called to a higher expression of our shifting states.  The answer to the “Who am  I?” question continues to morph and re-organize under the realization of GAIA’s Divinity.

Resonance.morphic field.wbIn times of chaos and conflict, our weapon is our attention.  When we connect deeply with GAIA, she can provide everything we ask or we need.  When we LISTEN to her HUM, we can hear our own part.

[On a personal note, I gave myself the gift of going off-grid for two weeks…unplugging from phone and internet…   A Sanctuary Retreat of Meditation, Rest, and Good Food.  My concerns were absorbed by the sounds of the ocean waves, colors in the sunset, and lighting of the rain storms.  It was divine.]

My astrological advice for this lunar cycle is to give yourself a vacation and UNPLUG.  Listen to your Mother Nature for a while.  If you can’t get away, talk with your house plants or favorite rock.  When we give GAIA our attention, what you get is a clear conversation which sustains and resonates.  She’s humming!

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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6 Responses to May New Moon: The Path to Becoming

  1. claire says:

    Thank you Annie, shine shine shine!

  2. Sheryl says:


  3. ap says:

    Dear Annie, that fits exactly to my live in the moment 😉

  4. Thanks, Etta. Good observations and advice.

  5. annelie says:

    always so reassuring! xx

  6. Royaldreamlion says:

    thank you annie for your incredible guidance and light! im so excited about life!!!! 🙂 HUGS and happy mothers day XOXOXOXOX

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