A Delerium in the Stellium

New Earth

New Earth

The final days of March and the month of April promise some high-kicking revues in the heavens.  There is a delirium of planetary action in PISCES , as VENUS, MARS, URANUS, and the 2 asteroids, ERIS and ATHENA are intensified and spotlighted by the SUN.   [Delirium is a syndrome that presents as severe confusion and disorientation, developing with relatively rapid onset and fluctuating in intensity. ]

On the FULL MOON March 27th these same actions and energies are carried fully into our emotional bodies.  A storm is gathering, bringing the NEW EARTH into being… in profound, unfathomable ways and waves.

The Spiritual Surf is up!  Every swell of madness is an opportunity for momentum.  We are being given the training necessary to master moving into the heart center with clear intention.   We can gain ease, grace, and power in surrender to the Kundalini Flows.

Revolutionary War Horse

Revolutionary War Horse

When MARS and URANUS get together it is not a dance, but a Revolution.   Axis Shifting actions can occur as quickly as a lightening strike.  The other party participants, ATHENA, the Goddess of War and the ERIS, Goddess of Dreams, bring their weaponry and focus to the Earth’s ascension process.

PISCES rules the oceans, our weather, and outer space… and our dreams.  This gathering can create Deep, Profound changes affecting the whole planet simultaneously.

The war for our ATTENTION is “ON”.  As Patricia Cota-Robles says, “ WHERE EVER YOUR ATTENTION IS, THERE YOU ARE.”  Insanity, Fear, Confusion, and Dis-orientation abound. The unveiling of ignorance creates destabilization.  Trust your inner guidance and your path in GAIA’s ascension plan.  Stay out of the murky water and practice dancing on those new legs.

I end this post with an amazing Video.  Mercedes Sosa – Toda Cambia (Everything Changes)  You do not need to understand Spanish to appreciate the message.  Mercedes Sosa used her beautiful voice as an instrument of change.  She was a Peace Activist and Revolutionary, singing change throughout South America since the 60’s.  She died in 2008 at the age of 75.  In these days of momentous change, we can celebrate and enjoy her contribution, spirit and lyrics.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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One Response to A Delerium in the Stellium

  1. claire says:

    Amazing! I’m holding on with joy, thank you Annie!!!!!

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