January 2013: NOTHING Happened

nothing1.wbWell, we just ended a Great 26,000 year Galactic Cycle and NOTHING happened.  What Now?  Do we throw the Mayan Calendar in the same pile as Y2K, Harold Camping, and the Rapture?  Maybe.

[On a personal note, I was disappointed.  I would have loved some kind of celestial displays, UFO landings, heavenly choirs, fireworks, something… a telegram… to commemorate this momentous time.  Oh well.]

This is the thing about multi-dimensional portals; “Nothing” is the access point.  The more we can “be with” nothing, the more enlightenment can occur.  It’s just about the ride through the photon belt.

milkywaygalaxyEverything is connected to everything, but everything is sourced by NOTHING.  Hunab Ku, the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy is full of nothing and she sourced everything that exists in our entire galaxy.  She is the Source Field of Divine Consciousness.  So, we just lined up with this Great Void again, for the first time in human recorded history.  So What?

The portals of access to Great Mystery are opened and Nothing but Grace is pouring into the planet like mankind has never known.  We are in the photon belt zone!  No matter what it looks like; we are not in Kansas anymore!  Ignore the sleeping ones and move into the Psychedelic-Paisley-Technicolor world of the New CRYSTALLINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

First, discard all information, knowledge, teachings, books, learning, and life experiences received prior to December 2013… yes, that date is in the future.  All this data, no matter how well-intended or enlightened, is no longer relevant.  The field of ignorance from which it was conceived and heard was so dense that only distortion and mis-information were possible.   Delusion Stew is the only Soup de Jour served at the Galactic Night Café.  Now, we have changed “Time Zones” and awakened to a New Menu. Ask newly, “Who am I?…  What am I doing here?”…  “Really?”…

Only Now, after passing thru the photon belt zone, is a new clarity possible.  Hunab Ku is our Mission Control.  We each have a direct line to the Divine Source Field.  Tune In.  Turn On.  And get into the New Hum.  The language of the Crystalline Age is RESONANCE.  Truth only exists within harmonics of presence.  Does this resonate with me?… at this moment?   Am I enlightened, empowered, and unbound by this? If not, it goes in the Bullshit Bin.  Move On.  [AND you might notice, we have a tonage of CRAZY Historical and Hysterical CRAP to shake off.]

pyramid1.wbKundalini Energy is the source and resource driving our creations and renewal of the Earth.  Forget fossil fuels, electricity, or nuclear power.  Forget Gold, Dollars, Euros and Yen.  The Universe runs on toridal flow, not substance.  If you are focused on the fiscal or physical you are in the limited land of effect.  On the causal playing field, the only thing that “matters” is flow.  Shakti is the currency of shine and GAIA is pumping up the magical riches.   Meditate and sparkle… Then “Begin the Beginning.”

The NEW EARTH is a “WE can do it!” World.  As we gather in groups, the most powerful thing we bring to each other is aligned intention.  Synchronize and harmonize with the movement and plays going on around you… or Move On.  [If they are playing rock and roll; hum some air guitar… If it’s the blues, imagine harmonica or violin. Fantasize a Reggae rendition when things get seriously intense.  Whatever the scene; there is a rift for that. Listen in rhythm.]

bird-of-paradise.webWe gain melody and momentum when we look at the Bigger Picture, listen for the Higher Good, and follow the beat of the Higher Plan.  The FULL RESONANT MOON on January 27th is a time for action and bringing forth as a community, group or tribe. Make some vibrant waves and noise.   We are all playing in the GAIA Band.  All of Us are on a Mission from God and SHE is unstoppable.  Her symphony has a Heaven-on-Earth Tempo!

 Prepare for February.  There are some wild card planetary actions coming up February 13ththrough March 1st.  [We may be back on our knees, praying for nothing.]  As the SUN moves through AQUARIUS it spotlights and intensifies the action of 5 planets and asteroids.  This group includes NESSUS, the Snake, CHIRON, the challenge, NEPTUNE, MERCURY & MARS.  That bunch has no melody; it’s pure jazz.

  • NESSUS brings previously unseen elements of betrayal, revenge, invisible poisonous agents, biochemical and biological, to the surface.  Lies and slime molds of all types are revealed.   NESSUS, the ferryman, can guide us thru the delusions to activate the Kundalini.  He carries us through the Liquid lies and into the Reality of Bliss… always a great destination.
  • CHIRON brings the action-adventure one might encounter in an Indiana Jones sequel.  Unexpected Explosions, Demons and Earth-shattering situations are part of his dramatic transit.  Extra-ordinary, Heroic, Ironic, Chronic, Border Situations, and Border-line situations (risky business), are all keywords for CHIRON.  He challenges us to break out of our previous definitions and discover a greater truth… find the Spear of Destiny or the Crystal Skull.  CHIRON is a mind-blowing dude.  He always wears a hat.
  • NEPTUNE rules the weather, the oceans, dream time, the fates and muses… cosmic destinies that move us along our evolutionary path.    It truly rains DIAMONDs on NEPTUNE; a metaphor for an activated pineal.  Visualize the diamond flows moving through your force fields.  Meditate and star gaze.  Great influence and pull are generated from glimmering silence.  NEPTUNE is deep.
  • MERCURY gives voice to these agents of enlightenment. MARS enlists our rebels and warriors to stand with Gaia’s Garden Team.

ceres.gaia.wbRoll all these characters together and we have some shaking and awakening going up on the marquee in February.  These celestial players provide some major rocket propulsion to launch us into the NEW EARTH.  New technologies and systems that create coherence with the Earth are on the horizon.  The Crystalline Age includes impeccable clarity about our connection to our planet and each other.  We are totally blessed to be on this Spaceship Earth Ascension ride.  Nothing could be finer.

Carry on… like nothing happened.

Amor y Luz,   Annandi


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  1. claire says:

    thank you Annie! loved it again

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