torus-heartSo many prophecies and opinions have been disseminated about what will happen at the end of the Mayan calendar, we can’t be anything but confused.  Even the dates differ.  According to the experts and Mayan elders, the “times” of the shift range from 4:11 am on Friday, December 21st to actual Solstice on December 23rd or half way between at Noon on Dec 22nd or the entire 3-day period.  We are overwhelmed with possibilities.  This is the point.  Anything is possible at Anytime.  Here are some helpful hints for getting through the End Time Festivities and DNA Upgrades.

mercaba.webFIRST, Shift occurs in the realm of BEING.  Events and happenings will naturally and inevitably follow, but first an elevation of frequency…  a rise in our vibrations…  a new Om in our ears must occur, planet-wide.  That new celestial tune can manifest through each of us, “in a blink of an eye”, regardless of what happens (or not) on the physical plane.  We are playing on a transcendental  field… doing a multi-dimensional Dream-Dance.

WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.web SECOND, the process of shift is “Not for Pussies.”  Yet, it is primarily the women who are doing the birthing.  The photon belt is activating the FEMININE Kundalini.  Since the portal on 12-12-12, reports of women in emotional breakdown are epidemic and it seems to be contagious.  The waves of operatic emotional outpouring can be likened to the water breaking as a prelude to delivery.    O.K. Ladies, begin your La Maz breathing techniques.  Put some bells on your shoes and get ready for Global Grace.  The men are being called into a new definition of “Attention!”… gleeful to attend to GAIA’S Momentum.    Everyone is included and has an integral role in this Cosmic Evolutionary Moment.   The women are just feeling it first and foremost.

THIRD, the children are “already there” and can lead the way.  The new babies and young children that I have encountered recently are AMAZING… already fully-awake. These souls are beaming with Joy and Light and full of unimagined Love and Genius.  They have come to GAIA with the understanding of the Crystalline Sages.  We are all blessed by their mastery of presence.  The adults can relax, these Light Beings are winning our hearts… Easily.

awakening-dna.webEach of us is being cradled in the Delight of the Goddess, as we move through this Great Galactic Cycle of Profound Change. 

Expect Nothing and Celebrate Everything. 

Thank each of you for being in my life and being on this journey. 

May every breath be a Silent OMG and every step be a Sacred Dance. 

~ Merry MASS – XXX Solstice Season ~

Amor y Luz, Siempre     ( Love and Light, Always)



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