December 2012 – THIS IS IT – WE ARE HERE!

torus.human.wbIt’s time for a Hallelujah dance.  There are only 3 weeks until December Solstice.  Prepare to lose your mind… and open your heart.  Promise Day is near.  We should see unimaginable change in our 3rd Dimension Reality.  Expect Purification, Dissolution of the Veils, Disclosure, and Discovery on an awesome magnitude.

NewMoonOldMoonNext week planetary alignments include a EARTH transit with JUPITER, VESTA (High Priestess ) and CERES (GAIA herself).  The EARTH is asserting her divinity and consciousness.  We are not under just the usual astrological influences, but are approaching an alignment between our Sun and Galactic Center.  The two Eclipses in November occurred because of this exact celestial position and act to reset or re-boot both our Heads and our Emotional bodies.  The photon belt is activating our pineal glands to induce higher states of being.

serpentuncoils.wbOn 12-12-12 we enter a significant portal.  The Divine Feminine (Kundalini) will arise and rain down on the planet.   Drunvalo Melchizedek speaks of the Serpent of Light coming up from South America at that time.  The Divine Feminine as embodied in the Virgin of the Guadalupe is celebrated.  All over the Globe the realization that the Earth herself is a sacred, conscious being is exploding.  Simultaneously, Shakti is rising in each of us as it flows through the planet.  The two eclipses were a prelude to and an opening for the pouring in of Divine Grace.

On December 12th, the transits create a vortex where Dreams come true, or more specifically, Dreams come into our Reality.  The Dreams of the Grandmothers, the Visions of the Native Peoples, the energy of the Gurus and Saints, the promises of prophecy manifests here on the EARTH planet.   In preparation for the Solstice alignment on December 21st, we get a blast off wave of Ecstasy.   GAIA is bringing us a great gift to carry us through the changes and lift us into the New Era Dawning on EARTH.

cropcircle.boorowa A new crop circle appeared in Australia on November 27th 2012.  Appearing days before the FULL MOON ECLIPSE, this crop circle infers, according to many, that the Aborigine from Australia are the original SEEDs of Humanity.   It suggests the indigenous peoples from Down Under in Australia hold all the keys to the next Evolutionary Leap.  Integral to their belief systems is the notion that our Dreamtime is the Real World.  It is the waking hours that are an illusion.

This Great Spiritual Truth is being revealed:  When our actions during the daytime are guided by our Dreams, we are synchronized with Spirit and Holy Mother Earth.  We walk in balance with our place upon the planet.  We are coherent with Divinity.  When we are not guided by our dreams, we are caught in the chaos of unreality.  We are out of balance with the natural order.  We are mesmerized by the Illusionary World and Lost.

At December Solstice we end a great 26,000 year cycle around the Center of our Milky Way galaxy.  The New Year of 2013 represents a time of major shift of consciousness for toda en el mundo.  We are each being ask to realign, redesign, and redefine ourselves for the New Era dawning.  We are being flipped.  No cosmologist or sage can possibly know what will happen.  Look to your own Dreams for Guidance and Revelation.  Stay in your Heart,  connect with Mother Earth, and enjoy the Wild Ride.

Amor y Luz, Annandi

 Below are Astrological Tips for Each of the Signs from as we countdown to this Event Horizon: 

 Aries = April 15- May 14

With SATURN, VENUS, and MERCURY in the opposite sign of Libra, the usually Independent Aries will be getting some “higher education” in the area of partnerships and relationship.  Discovering the value of harmony and co-operation with others will bring balance and artful play into your life.  2013 brings unbelievable support and allies for your dreams and projects.  Embrace your lighter, softer side.

 Taurus = May 15- June 14

Rock solid Taurus has been cracked, re-arranged, and blasted by the 2012 planetary transits.  JUPITER and Vesta, the High Priestess insure blessings and expansion once you are re-rooted.   Leaving the practical and familiar behind to embrace a spiritual path will bring astounding revelations. These transits accelerate your change like a boulder rolling down a steep hill. Rock and Roll.  There is no turning back.

 Gemini = June 15- July 14

PLUTO, the “change or die” transformer has been bringing tumultuous change to your physical health, family or work.  The Intensity of this transit will be replaced by joyful play as CERES moves into your sign in Dec.  VENUS joins PLUTO to insert romance and pleasure into your post-traumatic recovery.  Great Mother Earth rocks you in her arms.  God Bless the child.

 Cancer = July 15- Aug. 14

Homey Cancers are called to break down emotional barriers and shells to actively participate in the larger community and see the bigger picture.  MARS moves through your sign severing your past directions and bringing clarity and focus into your plans for the future.   Your fully-opened heart is the greatest contribution in the new era.  You can soothe and move the masses with your sweetness.

  Leo = Aug. 15- Sept. 14

The new era requires a Leo to shift from the starring role to the lighting director on the stage of evolution and transformation.  Leo’s fire and strong will can provide the power boost necessary for revolutionary change.  LIGHTs, Camera, Action! Your shine and sparkle lead the way and inspire others to join the Gaia Team.  Radiance is contagious.

 Virgo = Sept. 15- Oct. 14

The Virgo’s schedule and duties are abandoned for “diamonds on the sole of your shoes.”  The asteroids CERES & VESTA and planet URANUS in the opposite sign of Pisces, bring spontaneity, synchronicity, and “out-of-the-blue” changes.  Throw away your calendar and surrender to the natural flows and rhythms.  A commitment to meditation and spiritual service serve up your wildest dreams.

 Libra = Oct. 15- Nov. 14

MERCURY, VENUS, & SATURN join together to sound powerful chords of harmony into your sign.  The Solstice marks a righteous turn towards Art & Music.  Your cosmic assignment is to bring beauty and balance to the space around you. Your Renaissance spirit can reveal itself in gifts of genius.  Sanctify and Beautify your world.  The stars have aligned to maximize your influence.

 Scorpio = Nov. 15- Dec. 14

PHOLUS, the cosmic joker, continues with revelations and epiphanies that rock your world.  The usually intense, serious Scorpio, seduced by enlightened frivolity, has an important role in anchoring the Kundalini energies into the EARTH.   Your heightened charisma creates a powerful vortex.  Gather groups for Ceremony and move into realms where prayer and blessings create magic.  Laugh Out Loud.

 Sagittarius = Dec. 15- Jan. 14

Diamond-fired transits and energies in 2012 have been unrelenting.  Anything that hasn’t killed you has made you stronger.  It’s all just been Spiritual Boot Camp, a program designed for Pineal Activation.  A new devotion to the EARTH as divinity re-orders all your previous history and teachings.  The New Age restores your priestly powers and heightens your broadcast signal.  You master enlightening others.

 Capricorn = Jan. 15 – Feb. 13

In 2012 Tumultuous dramas have shattered all the facades and belief boxes limiting the world.  You got to experience it on an up-close and personal level.  In the process the distorted wrappings have been stripped away to reveal the Gift.   Now, you “get” the bigger picture and You “are being” the bigger picture.   “What the world needs now is love, sweet love…”    Build your temple on that.

 Aquarius = Feb. 14 – March 14

Shaking and Awakening have dominated your sign. The Dream team of NEPTUNE, CHIRON, and NESSUS from the Asteroid Belt are joined by MARS and MERCURY. There is so much cosmic energy coming into Aquarius.  It is the sign of the New Age.  These planets assure us we have jumped the tracks of the past and are bound for glory.  The Dreamers are Driving, imagine that.  Shakti, Shakti, Shakti.  Bliss Happens.

 Pisces = March 15 – April 14

With URANUS and the asteroid Goddesses, ATHENA and ERIS  in your sign you are in the cross-hairs of Shifting paradigms.  The Serpent Rises, Quezacotl returns, and Disclosure reveals the abundance of Angelic forces in our midst.  In a word, EVERYTHING CHANGES as the Saints come marching in.  Spiritual Service calls you forth into unimagined delight.  A Hallelujah chorus is ringing in your ears.


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3 Responses to December 2012 – THIS IS IT – WE ARE HERE!

  1. claudia says:

    hi Aenni, l love, love love it!hopefully touch base soon,Amor y Paz Claudia

  2. cat morgan says:

    Hola! A very nice post indeed. Hope to meet sometime..I am good friends with Alison Doncaster in Bucerias Mx. Thanks for your lovely site…the images are beautiful…where do you get them? Would you mind if I used them on my healing website?
    Alison just put out a post for a 12-12 -12 gathering with you at Los Arroyos Verdes Retreat…I would love to help promote that, as I am also a internet promoter for LAVerdes. and join in on the fun.!

    Thanks again for the lovely posts!
    Many blessings for your day
    cat morgan

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