November 2012 – Eclipses & the Overtone Moon

A Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and Cross-fire planets promise a November to Remember. The New MOON on November 13th produces a complete Solar eclipse (visible in Australia) and the FULL MOON on November 28th produces a Lunar Eclipse.  These phenomena overlay the Overtone Lunar Cycle from the Mayan Calendar promising dazzling action.

The 5th Mayan Moon is called “Overtone”.  Its totem animal is the peacock.
The key words to focus on: “Empower”  “Command”  “Radiance”
While the last Lunar Cycle was about Stillness.  This energies of this moon asks us to Step Out and Up with brilliant action.  Work your Radiance and Shine to inspire and brighten others.   Command and Lead with dazzle.

The planetary alignments cannot tell the whole story, but they do corroborate the extraordinary events pushing us towards the evolutionary cliff’s edge. Leap, Jump, Dive, or Fly Free-Style.  You get to choose.

MERCURY is retrograde and opposed by SATURN.  Communications will be battered by these transits, but that could be trivial.  These alignments have produced more significant problems in the past.  We should be on the watch for SUN flares, Volcanic Eruptions, and Earthquakes.  Mama GAIA is not done rearranging the furniture… yet.  She sits solidly in Taurus blessed by JUPITER and Vesta (HIGH PRIESTESS).  She couldn’t be in a more powerful placement.

NEPTUNE and CHIRON are the pair most responsible for unprecedented weather systems and storms.  They are opposing VENUS.  No one gets vacation time when the unraveling, cascading breakdowns occur.  The Overtone Moon suggests adding artful humor and entertainment to the serious rescue missions at hand.  Be Clear.  We are all being saved from our profoundly Sleepy State.  Keep your Silly Hats and Sequins packed with your Emergency gear and bottled water.  Good joke material can be essential in a black out.

We are in the  Photon Belt Zone.  Cosmic particles emanating from the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy are producing effects that are Solar System wide. There are Earthquakes on MARS.  JUPITER is changing it’s Red Spots.  SATURN has developed  new rings.  VENUS has slowed her rotation.  The SUN is showing tendency to x-flares.  Add in Galactic Burst and Timing and signs of SHIFT becomes undeniable.  No one can possibly know from here, what is coming down the path.  The Nature of Divine Consciousness is inconceivable.  We can simply enjoy the awesome spectacle she promises and join the celebration.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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2 Responses to November 2012 – Eclipses & the Overtone Moon

  1. alicia partida says:

    I really enjoy your forecasts its always so authentic and hits the core of my being ~ We gathered a group this morning around a large Parota Tree at the Arroyos Verde Green Hotel and Spa in Bucerious we all joined in a sacred celebration and honor of Mayan 11/11 and the end of the Maya long count left till 12/21/2012 and we created a Portal of Natural Flowers wrapped around a Bamboo pole to walk through we had 2 Shamans coach us with ritual and song, incense and we all made spiritual commitments to the Universe and our selves in writing we used our hearts and love as the center axis from which we all hugged and embraced each other and realized that we are all one its the end we are preparing for the beginning of the New Golden Age .No one said it would be easy . Thank you for your guidance ..Besos from Puerto Vallarta Mexico .Alicia and Zoli Harigtai

  2. alison normanton says:

    It was pretty powerful stuff! I echo Alicia and Zoli’s sentiments about yesterday, 11/11. I felt a very strong emotional release and today I feel lighter and more at peace. Already I see and feel a difference and I cannot wait for the next stage. I really enjoyed reading this blog and the beautiful images…thank you. Alison.

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