[Below is an article written for the ZOOM magazine, January 2013 issue. It was assumed we made it through December 2012 and everything turned out fabulous.  This is the intention.  It seemed appropriate to post, given the current wake-up call coming into the planet on a Super Storm, named Sandy.   Mother Nature is claiming her power. Step Back!  GAIA is in control… And, Clearly, we are NOT.  Pray for HER Victorious Coronation and all our Loved Ones on the East Coast.]

We have moved through the paradigm shift and now everyone on the planet is fully awake and enlightened.  Yes!  Welcome to the Diamond Age.  It is not just another New Year, 2013 is an Evolutionary Leap.  The Illusions and Veils have been removed.  We have past the precipice and are now busy at creating a New Earth under a New Heaven.   Since the photon belt update at December Solstice, Peace and Harmony unite all the populations on the planet.  Divinity is leading us into the promised paradise on Crystalline Technology.  The choices for the future are really, really clear.  The only question to ask is, “Where is my Joy?”   Here are some of the new apps available with this fantastic techno upgrade.

In this New Earth, we are identified, not by the color of our skin, but by the colors in our Aura.  And of course, we all have Aura-Vision.  No more medicines or doctors are needed.  With the “Aura Shower Attachments” we can immediately reset our sparkle and restore vitality and health.  When you put the right spin on the Torus, the physical body will rejuvenate itself.

Free energy technologies are surging into practical use.

Electrical Lines and grids are being rapidly torn down.

The copper is being recovered and fashioned into jewelry, cookware, exquisite art and coffee urns.

Drilling for Oil, Gas, and Coal have been abandoned and outlawed.  The Oil Companies are devoting all their profits to cleaning up their messes.

Nuclear power plants have been shut down.

Automobiles and combustion engines are being replaced with such things as quantum gravity motors and ambient energy extractors.

A unified spiritual connection to all beings, plants, animals, and minerals is part of the awakened state.  We live in a new spirit of co-operation with our fellow earth inhabitants.

Religious differences no longer exist.

However, everyone is free to celebrate this common spiritual understanding in a myriad of joyous ceremonies.  Fire-Dance Churches, Music Festivals, and Surf Camps have become righteous places of worship.

Our Children go to Dream Schools where they are encouraged in imagination and vision.  The students are educated in Heart Math and Discovery, rather than from a directed curriculum.

Art and Science have merged into a single discipline.  Untold genius and possibilities are born within creation of beauty and music.

Every child is provided an environment to discover their unique brilliance and shine.

Our homes and buildings are taking the eccentric shapes of pyramids, hexagons, domes and cones.    The glorious physics of Sacred Geometry has conquered the convention of square boxes and freed our minds. 

We don’t need iPhones; We ARE iPhones.  Our psychic abilities are revolutionized and realized.  We have the ability to send Any communication, image, or live-stream video Anywhere on the globe.  Thoughts and data are sent telepathically, over the Real Ethernet.  Our voice is only used for song and laughter.

Following Costa Rica’s lead, ALL military organizations around the globe are being disbanded or retrained for Environmental Restoration and Peace Corps Projects.  Our oceans and sea life are being tended and blessed.  Our precious atmosphere and lands are commanding our devotion.  Thanks to Costa Rica’s own astronaut, we are even cleaning up our “space junk.”

For many reasons, Costa Rica is becoming a favorite tourist spot for Extra-Terrestial Visitors.  We are easily located from Space at the crossroads of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Northern and Southern Americas. Stellar beings and life-forms from other planets and celestial inhabitable zones could soon be seen relaxing on our beaches and enjoying the enchanting vibes of the Nicoya Blue Zone.  (Applications for Cosmic Cultural Liaisons are available at any Bus Stop.)  Bring your Bird-watching gear.  Some exotic new species could be encountered.


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One Response to 2013 – BEYOND THE ILLUSION

  1. annelie says:

    Absolutely inspired! Thank you Annie for you bringing us the psychedelic reality bus I’m definitely
    on board! See you in a few weeks xxx

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