Full Moon Heads Up – Oct 29th, 2012

We are being hit with many powerful planetary forces around the FULL MOON next Monday.  We have a SUN conjunct SATURN and the Super Galactic Cluster a few days before.  So, the light of the FULL MOON will carry these energies into our emotional bodies.  The Military and Dominating Authorities will have the spotlight.   At the same time MARS joins PLUTO in Sagittarius, bringing violence and conflict to the surface, particularly concerning Governments and Rules of Law.

These two transformers square off to URANUS, the Revolutionary Change Maker and Pallas ATHENA, Goddess of War.  The best way to express this is in French:  It’s a planetary “Cluster F#@K.”  The Good News is monumental planetary shifts are directly on the path to righteous change.  We cannot possibly see the future from here and must sit in the mystery unfolding.  There is a bigger picture; much, much bigger than our world politics, religion, or finance.  Think Inter-galactically and act individually.

The SELF-EXISTING FULL MOON calls for STILLNESS… a big order in the midst of chaos.  We are called to center in our heart space and witness the power of Great Mystery.  Emotions can come on like power surges.  The emotional depths and crests can be challenging, but thrilling.  It promises to be a full-tilt boogie ride.

MEDITATION is the key to using these powers to accelerate Kundalini flows.  The Photon Belt is amping up the entire Solar System.  There is nowhere to hide.  The effects are ubiquitious and simultaneous.

The really Good News in the astrology is Ceres (GAIA herself), JUPITER, and Vesta (HIGH PRIESTESS) continue to tighten up in TAURUS.  The Awareness that the EARTH is DIVINE (GAIA consciousness) continues to make itself as real as Gravity.  Awakenings are accompanied by a passionate commitment to our planet and a plan of action.  Everyone gets a holographic experience of the entire shifting paradigm… again, Think Cosmically, but  Act Individually.  We all have a part in the symphony.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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One Response to Full Moon Heads Up – Oct 29th, 2012

  1. Thank you, Annie, for sending this. I have been conscious of feeling this rise more and more, especially this past week, and having a harder time in grouding myself and wanting to get any of my work done, and so i am comforted by your sharing this explanation of this unfolding. Thank you again.

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