October 2012 : The CHANGE is SOONISH

The Astrology for October and November is, in a word, indescribably dynamic.  The planets oppose, square, and join each other in chaotic interplay.   MARS, PLUTO, and SATURN are main attractions in the Autumn stellar show.  Powerful disruptive force, incoming from all directions will culminate in glorious new advancements for the planet.  Expect HUGE shocking shifts over the next month.

The intentions set at the Fall Equinox are driving the unfolding. Evolution is exponentially accelerated as we head toward December.  The old masquerades are no longer sustainable. The old paradigms are simply collapsing as individuals and general populations choose PEACE as a purpose.   Demon Wrestling is Done!  The Light of Truth has saturated the collective awareness.  The Shadow Plays immediately disappear when the lights are turned on.

the Self- Existing Moon:  At the New Moon on October 15th, we begin the 4th Mayan Lunar Cycle.  While last month was about electrifying action, this cycle is about moving deeply into the heart chakra.  In the midst of krazy, crazy, k-k-k-razy change,     Be Still” and Open your Heart.  There is nothing to do, but discover the potential for love and joy that lives there.  As higher states of Kundalini Energy blasts us into unfathomable “enlightenment”, our passions will be ignited and our paths made crystal clear.

  • The portals have been opened.
  • The transcendental “surf is up”.
  • The Vortex or Torus around the Earth has been restored.
  • The Crystalline Age is inevitable.

“The change is soonish.      

 [anonymous comment to David Wilcock’s latest blog.]

GAIA is asserting her power and Divinity.  She is truly the STAR of the Coming Cosmic Celebration.  We are greatly privileged to enjoy the ride and witness the transformation.  Lights!  Camera!  Action!

Amor y Luz,    Annandi


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One Response to October 2012 : The CHANGE is SOONISH

  1. claire says:

    Nice, thrillingly nice, thank you Annie !

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