Super Conscious Microbiology & the Nicoya Blue Zone

Recent medical studies have revealed another precious resource in the Blue Zone of Nicoya; Super Conscious Microbes living in our dirt.  These discoveries have created a revolutionary context for health and healing.  New models see the human body, not as a single being, but as a collection of untold trillions of cells, all working together in concert.  Incredible data has revealed that only 10% of these cells are human cells.   90% of the cells in our bodies are microbes!  Bacteria, viruses, and fungus populate and normally inhabit our body.  When the scientists look at DNA content, they find that 98% of the DNA is from the microbial world.  Only 2% of the DNA in our bodies is from our human cells.  We are essentially a culture medium or vessel for these smallest organisms.  Every human body is teeming with invisible life forms.  Healthy normal flora occupy our gut and skin and perform many essential functions, from assisting digestion to promoting immunity.  Their metabolic by-products contribute essential nutrients for the health of their host.  The relationship is symbiotic.

To find Microbes that contribute the most to human health, scientists looked at the Blue Zones… specific locations on the planet where long life (freedom from disease) naturally occurs.  The Nicoya Peninsula is one of these zones.   When they tested normal flora from inhabitants in these area and compared them with normal flora existing in zones with low life span (say Houston, Texas), they found  totally different species, producing different metabolic products.  The introduction of genetically modified foods, antibiotics and pesticides into the food chain has killed off and drastically changed the “normal flora” in most populations.

Bacteria and viruses, because of their rapid reproduction have an amazing ability to quickly mutate and adapt to changes in their environment, much quicker than human cells.  They have an almost immediate, etheric network of communication , resembling our internet.  Any toxin, heavy metal, or substance on the planet can be metabolized by some microbe.  However, some of these “Houston genotypes” do not harmonize so well with human life.

The Blue Zones microbes are in fact, “Super Conscious”.   They create an internal environment in which the human cells can thrive and optimize. The metabolites from these organisms increase our vitality, life-span, mood, and even our consciousness by sustaining the vortex.    These “Doctor Microbe Pro-biotics” naturally inhabit the soil, and thus the plants, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products from our area.

Now, here is the miracle.  You can change your microbes and change your life.  Doctors are seeing rapid resolution of disease states by introduction of Blue Zone Super Microbes into the diet.  (Once these Super Beings move in they can set up and defend the Temple from toxins and disease.)  These super conscious life forms can be further enhanced by natural sounds such as Whales and Dolphins.  Crystals and intention can turn them into Super Heroes.  Like singing to your plants or playing them classical music, these miniature life forms “amp up” when surrounded by  ”good vibes.”  “Om” to your yogurt and coconut water.

The fresh fruits and vegetables from the Nicoya Peninsula are Mother Nature’s Free Clinic and the Best Universal Health Care Plan around.  The bottom line is:  It is not just about the delicious bananas, mangoes and papaya; it is about the vortex they are grown in.  So, If you don’t  live in a Blue Zone, you can just  create your own Vortex…  and plant a little garden.

Amor y Luz, Annandi



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