Electric Full Moon Alert – Sept 29th, 2012

EARTH  & FULL MOON conjunct URANUS & Pallas ATHENA in Pisces Square PLUTO in Sagittarius

My experience of the Solstice transit last week has been similar to that of moving through the eye of a hurricane.  There has been an uneasy quiet and stillness as we teeter at the still point.  With the coming ELECTRIC FULL MOON things could get radically tempestuous and boisterous.  Planetary alignments promise dramatic changes in our Space weather, Earth weather, political mood, and power gridsl …  No joke material. Things could get seriously intense and electrifying before the month is over.

When URANUS (the Revolutionary) and PLUTO (God of the Underground Realms) last paired up, their chord created the radical changes of the late 60’s, including the Anti-War Protests, Women’s Liberation, Civil Rights, Sexual revolution, and psychedelics.  Our cultural consciousness suddenly vibrantly expressed (through our Hairdo’s, Styles, Music, Politics, et al) into a whole other dimension of colors, vibrations, and coherence.

Now we are dealing with another duet from these two as URANUS & PLUTO square off at a 90 degree angle.  This geometry creates so much pressure it demands resolution of the dueling forces within our sun’s system. This week-end, the EARTH and FULL MOON move directly onto the field of this tension, joining URANUS now with ATHENA, the Goddess of War at his side.  The balance is tipping towards revolutionary change.   Other cosmic and planetary forces are demanding new directions.

Now the pertinent question to ask is WHERE is the revolution?.   The war is not happening just at certain geographies, the war is global.  This is a revolution in consciousness.  The war is for our ATTENTION.  We are adrift on a riddle like the Angor What? Temples.  The tricky and only solutions require stepping out of the box of our 3-D Reality… the world as we know it.   Get out your Meditation Helmets and Multi-D Dancing shoes.  The Game is ON.

OOP Art (Out of Place Artifacts) has been joined by OOPS Science.  Quantum theory and new discoveries in every field of scientific investigation are revealing how misinformed we have been.  Previously, sciences have been based on the study and observations of the physical world.  Now, it is clearly understood that the behaviors within the physical world of matter, are solely determined by the quantum field… the space it exist within. OOPS! We had it backwards.  “We’ve been looking for love [and science] in all the wrong places.” And it turns out they are more related than we could comprehend.  Science and Spirit are merging…becoming essentially the same.

The great news is that practical applications for multi-dimensional technology are being rapidly developed.  We are closer than we can imagine to Space Age Star Trek technology:  Healing with a simple scanning device, food dispensed by vocal command, Holographic communication, Teleportation, Wormhole technology, and more.  Bose-Einstein Condensates, God Particles, Planck scale physics and quantum gravity are taking us there.  You don’t have to understand any of this to know we are getting into some very weird science.

Expect even more weirdness in all areas.  The point of this transit is to shatter the belief boxes and awaken us.  When dimensions beyond our grasp are involved, no one can predict the events or precise timing. We can only expect a wild ride.  GAIA and Great Mystery are directing this Tilt-A-World Show.

Amor y Luz,  Annandi

ADDENDUM:  Space weather and Earth changes since the Fall Equinox.

  • Around the Equinox there was a Gamma Burst from the area of the Libra constellation.  Gamma Rays are the fastest, most powerful energy waves in space we can presently measure.  At the time of the equinox we were aligned with the Super Galactic Center and Saturn.  (see last article.)
  • If you begin at the Prime Meridian Date Line near Greenwich (0 degrees longitude) and divide the globe up into 12 zones, you can see the area of the Earth most connected to each sign of the zodiac. Aries straddles the Greenwich meridian and Libra straddles the International Date Line near Tonga.  Libra rules the middle of the Pacific off Japan to mid-ocean.  The only landmass in this zone is Australia/New Zealand. This region continues to have ongoing weather alerts and anomalies.
  • There were two earthquakes in this mid Pacific area, near Tonga on the 23rd and 24th.  The L-waves were so strong, they affected the entire planet and resulted in several significant earthquakes  on Sept 25th in Alaska, down the coast of California, with the most severe in Baja.  (Scorpio covers the mid Pacific, includes Hawaii & Alaska, and extends to the California Coast, where Sagittarius begins.)
  • A Super Typhoon has formed in the Eastern Pacific and is approaching landfall in Taiwan.
  • Buoy deviations off the coast of Australia are indicating a rise in the sea floor over 1ooo feet?????  Something is happening deep down under there.

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