September 2012 Golden Age Update

Electric Moon Activation

As September begins, we will continue to experience the effects from the NEPTUNE & CHIRON pass.  Dissolve. Unravel. Shatter.  Chaos and Confusion are common theme songs as people are “cracking up” and cracking open.  The continuing  “aftershocks” were further enhanced by the Full MOON on August 31st.

More reeling and rocking are on the calendar for September.  Expect more freaky breakdowns with technical equipment, vehicles, machinery, PEOPLE and WEATHER.

Expect nothing to go as planned, but look for extra-ordinary events which happen spontaneously, accidentally, synchronistically.  When it looks like things are falling apart, they are!  Divine intervention is sculpting new parameters for the coming Golden Age.  Photonized VENUS and VESTA (the HIGH PRIESTESS) are joining CERES (GAIA) and JUPITER in TAURUS.  My Stellar Guides assure me, GAIA is IN CONTROL… and clearly, we are NOT.  She has some powerful celestial allies at her back.   Venus has her “Dragon On” and the High Priestess always has her Wonder Woman Bracelets.  Jupiter adds his Great Girth, Benedictions, and POWER, [that’s all in capital letters.]  The best plan is to join the “GAIA is Goddess” Team and get your assignment.

New Moon September 16th –      This 3rd Lunar cycle in the Mayan Calendar is an Electric Moon.  This lunation is all about electrifying rhythm and change.  We are remembering our “Golden-Ones Self” and activating clarity of our true purpose and mission.

All illusions are being shattered.  Lies and corrupted systems are being exposed.  Old Mental constructs and belief patterns are being deleted.  The core of our Being is re-centering around our emotional and intuitive body.  We are being activated and electrified with higher Truths.

Individually and as a planet, we are being shifted and deeply re calibrated to “truer” natural cycles of TIME.  [This can throw you off-balance.  Normal patterns of sleeping, eating, and energy levels can shift and change dramatically. Emotional States come on with Operatic Tones]

Our “normal” way of counting time revolves completely around SUN cycles and markers.  What Day is it?  What time of Day is it?  Both our Western calendar and the illogical designation of time zones around the globe “wrongly” orient us to a man-made, artificial, non-biological clock. This TIME LIE keeps us dazed and confused and Out-of-Sync… to say the least.  We are mesmerized into a matrix of bad timing.

Besides the SUN, there are many other planetary, stellar, cosmic, and galactic cycles that create much grander changes than these Solar phenomena.  The Mayans had many calendars and Sacred Time Keepers to keep “tempo” with these greater cycles.  Time Keeping was an Art.

With only 3 months until December solstice, the Earth is getting an update in consciousness to the GOLDEN AGE Version.  A re-boot… shut down and restart… is necessary to synchronize with GAIA’s rhythms and evolutionary processes.   With the G.A. Update, you never need to look at a watch, you just dance with the changing rhythms and “feel” when the timing is right.  No need to “google”; just ask Source directly, get a picture on your inner screen and “feel” the wonder of truth.

We are in the last trimester of 2012.   The world is in precarious imbalance.  Some of the possibilities looming are World Wide Financial Collapse, Nuclear war with Iran,  Meltdown at Fukishima, Niribu is coming… just to name just a few.  It doesn’t look like an impending Golden Age, Garden of Eden, or Galactic Orgasm.  It may be looking the darkest before the dawn, but I have certainty in Ascension.  I believe in cosmic calendars, awakening forces, and divine encounters.  September will bring evidence for that.  Keep your attention on Designing the Garden.

[My favorite new mantra.  “La – La – La”… given to me by my favorite Sat Guru Kaur.]

more to come.

Amor y Luz, Annandi

Sept 24th – EARTH passes Pallas ATHENA – Goddess of War & Wisdom.  Diamond Head brings her brilliance to the “War Games.” It’s W.W.V.  Women With Vision are in command.

Sept 30th – EARTH passes URANUS square PLUTO– Spark the Revolution.  Acceleration of Dimensional Shifts, Polarity Shifts, and General Bizarre Reckonings.  Things can get seriously intense.


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