Mid-August 2012

GAIA conjunct JUPITER in Taurus   –  EARTH conjunct NESSUS (Aug 15th)…NEPTUNE (Aug 22nd)… and CHIRON (August 28th) Aquarius

Ceres (GAIA), in my view, the most important celestial body in the heavens these days, will be enhanced and expanded by JUPITER in Taurus.  Taurus brings rooting, grounding, solidification to the awareness that the EARTH is Divine, Cosmic Law #1.  Taurus, like no other sign, brings us into the PRESENT.  It is the BE HERE NOW constellation.  It’s time to get as real as rocks.

We are moving from our mental bodies, {the home of confusion and density), to our emotional -intuitive bodies.  Our “reads” of the environment and surroundings are heightened.  Our “gut feelings” are our truest guides and most informed news source.  Here the YES or NO directives are clear and unmistakable.  And only here, from the PRESENT moment, can we access time mergence and multi-dimensionality.

We are being informed by light, stellar light.  Just as all life on Earth is activated and powered by sunlight, our closest solar star, we are constantly being bombarded by starlight.  Independent of our day night cycles, stellar light from all over the heavens rains down on our planet in vastly greater quantities and includes cosmic waves with vastly greater influence.  Stellar light and cosmic rays from Hunab K’U are activating DNA strands in every cell of our bodies.  We are being sent cosmic updates which include evolutionary leaps in our psychic and intuitive abilities.

We use light to bring information into our homes everyday.  With fiber optic technology White Light is broken down into the various spectral elements by a prism.   Each color within the spectrum can be assigned different data packets to carry.  Incredible amounts of data for your Internet connections, phone lines, 500 plus stations on your cable TV etc. can be simultaneously carried on one beam of light.

Similarly, If any thing exist in physical form (one frequency of the spectrum… a more dense form), it infers co-existence in all the other spectra (dimensions.)   In other words, if we have a physical body, we must also have a light body and exist in several other “less dense” dimensional states. .. SIMULTANEOUSLY.   This quantum principle holds for ALL life forms and just as an aside, includes human beings.

In the next 4 months preceding the Mayan Calendar prophesies, each of us are being guided and informed by stellar light.  You may call these energies personal Angels, our Higher Selves, Divine Guides, or whatever you like, but these are not entities separate from our selves.  These are as much a part of our divine incarnation as our fingers and toes.  Stellar Guides are calling us to remember our “higher” connections and deeper ancestral roots through visions and dreams.  Our DNA source code light switches are being flipped and flashed.

Speaking with clients from all over the world, I am convinced that there is only one Vision being dreamed … the Garden of Eden.  We each are being given different assignments or parts to play in designing and creating the Promised Land.  However it seems clear, we are working within a shared vision.  Thank you to all the powerful women of vision (and men)who are weaving their part of the Grandmother’s Dream-fabric.

Beginning the middle of August, there will be accelerated movement and change.  As the EARTH passes NESSUS (Aug 15th), NEPTUNE (Aug. 22nd), and CHIRON (Aug. 26th) expect extraordinary events and more radical evolutionary – revolutionary changes.  “Bizarre” could be a good descriptive for the upcoming events.  Chaos and disruptions will bring a mandate for a more workable future.  We will be encountering some “bumpy” planetary re-alignments.   AND we have some powerful allies available to assist us through the “White Water” rafting challenges.  Divine Truth is flashing into the consciousness on thunder bolts.  The entire globe is being charged with high voltage excitement and high frequency vibes.  Great Gravity is coming down.

On August 17th, we begin the 2nd Moon Cycle on the Mayan Calendar.  While the last MAGNETIC  Moon was about getting clear about our purpose.  This LUNAR Moon cycle is about watching the universe respond.  As we simply open to receive, we will see alignment and support for our goals magically show us.  Roots will take hold.  All the fundamental elements will be synchronistically supplied.

Each of us is being informed, transformed, and guided by our “own personal Jesus”…  Buddha, Goddess, or Arch Angels.  We are being shattered out of old borders and definitions to be re-arranged and re-familiarized with our Star Tribes.  Where ever you are on the planet IS your designated assignment and place.  If you are traveling, then you have multiple assignments.  If you have Gravity at your place, Mama GAIA is in the house.  Build altars, create sanctuary.  The more time you spend talking to your plants and rocks and listening to Mother Earth, the clearer you will become.   Instead of “Location, Location, Location!”  Use the chant “Meditation, Meditation, Meditation!”   This is the essential “plug-in” for access to the “fiber optic cable” of enlightenment.  Anyone on the planet can be a Kundalini pump, harmonizing with GAIA’s Ascension.  GAIA is telling “HER STORY.”  We are blessed to have a part in this cosmic finale.  Power up and Rock on!

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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3 Responses to Mid-August 2012

  1. Brooke Monfort says:

    Oh, Ettas, everything we’ve been talking about for the past quarter-century is about to arrive. Woo-DANG!

  2. kalyani says:

    thank you dear!!!! ❤ big kiss…..

  3. claire moulaert says:

    yohoho! an exciting month ahead..thanks Sweet Annie, got my shovel ready…

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