The Magnetic Full MOON and CERES conjunct JUPITER in Taurus

August begins with the power of a Magnetic Full Moon (Mayan calendar).  Simultaneously, CERES moves to 0 degrees Taurus, to conjunct JUPITER mid-month.  CERES represents consciousness of GAIA’s divinity.  A new reverence and appreciation for “the ground beneath our feet” is hitting the planet, like a big rock hitting the surface of a still pond.  GAIA herself is calling each of us to our mission.   Like a mom calling her children home for dinner, she began with quiet whispers in our ears, but the signals and calls are becoming louder and more insistent.  (Time to hurry Home.  Don’t make her have to come get you!)

During this magnetic moon, we are all listening for our purpose and it will be made crystal clear.  Mother Earth is calling each of us to play in her ascension symphony.  Each has been given a unique instrument and harmonic rhythm to contribute.   We are dancing to HER beats and singing along with HER song.  We are dream-designing the coming Garden of Eden with HER.  The Feminine Kundalini Energy is rising all over the planet and like Gravity, cannot be denied.

The JUPITER and CERES pair asks us to relook at these questions:  What do we value? What do we treasure?  Where do we experience richness and wealth?  Around the 15th of August, Photonized, Dragon Fired VENUS crosses the path of NEPTUNE and CHIRON.  NEPTUNE, the diamond making planet, dissolves any and every thing that is not coherent with Kundalini Energy. PERIOD.  If it is not on your highest spiritual path, it will be removed from your life.  CHIRON challenges and breaks apart any illusionary systems.  In particular, currency systems and financial markets are shattering along with old resource policies.  If it isn’t a contribution to the environment, it will break.  PERIOD.  No considerations or judgments involved, just Great Gravity at work.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is being clarified.  Costumes and roles are being assigned.  We are being rehearsed and choreographed by stellar energies putting us in position for the 2012 Cosmic Revelation Show. Embrace your “Dragon-fired VENUS”, she is awesome.

“Yee Ha!” and  “Woooo!  Dang!”, as we might say in Texas.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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