2012 July – The Photon Belt & Venus

The photon belt is something real.  Astrophysicist and Quantum physicist have been aware of and investigating this energy field for some time.  The Photon Belt is a focus or beam of energy emanating from the Black Hole at the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy (Hunab K’U).  There are 12 such beams radiating out from the plane of the Galactic Equator, like the webbing of a spider.  Each pulse has its own qualities and purpose as we move through the Grand 26,000 year Cycle of Galactic Day and Night.

13,000 years ago, the Earth moved through the opposite pulse and Galactic night fell.  The 13,000 years of a Golden Age, the Earth had experienced previously, was erased from our collective memory.  We fell into nighttime slumber.   The qualities of the Photon Belt we are now entering is to awaken us to a new Galactic Dawn.

The Photon Belt is similar to the Solar Waves emanating from our SUN, but different in polarity and effect.  Solar waves are electromagnetic in nature and travel from our SUN over lanes that enter at the North Pole, creating the Aurora Borealis, and exit through the South Pole, returning to the SUN.  These pulses activate and charge the EARTH, like a battery.

The Photon Belt is sourced by the huge gravitational pull of Hunab K’U and represents a field of influence from these pulses of PULL.  Photons are particles of energy that have no electromagnetic charge, no mass, and can extend infinitely far.  These etheric pulses re-organize, re-orient, and revolutionize all patterns and expressions of Creation.  These beams of Great Great Gravity create both a space and a cycle of time for a process to occur in which consciousness can evolve.   EARTH is not the only planet involved here.  We are only a part of a larger cosmic dance including our entire Solar system and all the stars within the Milky Way Galaxy… a cast of beyond billions.

As our Solar System entered this Pull Zone, the effects were first felt in the orbital paths of our outer planets.  First Neptune, then Uranus, then Saturn, then Jupiter entered the field of influence of these waves.  Here on the EARTH, we felt the “bow wave” of this energy when our next door neighbor MARS was pulsed in 1969.  Suddenly, the revolutionary cry was “make LOVE not WAR”.  The sexual revolution began, women were liberated, and Mars was forever transfigured and undone.

The EARTH entered the photon belt in 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence.  And ever since, these photon belt pulses have been steadily increasing the flow of Kundalini energy pumping through GAIA’s Gravitational Field.

“From Spring Equinox in 1987 to Winter Solstice 2012, all biological life will be harmonized with Divine Intelligence, so that the feeling body of Earth can carry the intensity of the coming Galactic Orgasm.”  Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleidian Agenda, 1995.

The VENUS transit across the SUN in June heralded the entry of VENUS into the photon belt.  She now sings higher octaves of ecstasy, celebration, and joy into the solar system choir.  VENUS’s entry into the Photon Belt pull zone is actually about activation of the Pineal Gland.  Often called the “Mistress Gland”, the pineal is the generator of DMT, endorphins and neurotransmitters, the biochemistry of bliss.  When Shakti flows through our chakra systems, the pleasure centers are “TURNED ON” … all of our sensations are heightened.  We “feel “more pleasure, we “taste” more delicious, we “see” more beauty, we “smell” more aromas, and we “hear” more music. Our psychic senses are expanded and intensified.  We are returned to the Garden of Eden.

In December 2012, our SUN will be pulsed with the photon belt.  At that time, the entire solar system and all the planets will reverberate with the chords of GAIA’s awakening.   A New Diamond Age begins. Imagine Galactic Orgasm!  Coming Soon to your neighborhood.

Note:   In the mean time, everything not harmonizing with this melody is being dissolved… disintegrated … to be ultimately shattered…  as the symphony reaches crescendo.  As Dawn nears, the Lords of Galactic Night are staging their own Death Dance.  Pay no attention to the caterpillar goo.    It is inconsequential to the “Imaginal Cells” who are busy becoming the magnificence of the butterfly.  Hallelujah!  The Photon Belt is miraculously unfolding GAIA’s spectacular wings.

Embrace the evolutionary enhanced VENUS… 2012 Dragpn update.  She is photonized, revolutionized and dazzling.   Listen to her song.  She inspires us to create Love…  Beauty…  Art…  Dance…  Music… & Humor … in all parts of the Garden.  These are our most brilliant weapons to do battle with the Final Days of Darkness.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


Imagine standing under a waterfall of light.  Open the top of your head.  Imagine the churning light filling your body; bathing every organ, space, cell and essence of you.  Pulled hard by gravity, imagine the swirling flows exiting out the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands, dripping liquid light from the tips of your fingers and toes, pouring over and  into the Mother Earth.  Breathe within the Bliss of Kundalini.


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3 Responses to 2012 July – The Photon Belt & Venus

  1. claudia says:

    Hi Aenni, thanks so much ! i love it always when i get the new update! still painting?Much Love and Light from Cabuya, hope Yiu can pass by one Day! Claudia

  2. spearman says:

    i think of you daliy i live in a california paradise on a vineyard now, cr in jan…:)…..good vibes
    the spearman

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