The entire planet is at play in a great cosmic video game. Each level has its own monsters, demons, and tricksters (distractions from the ultimate truth and treasure.) Each level requires mastery of new weapons and tools to advance to the next level of the game. Like the temples of Angkor Wat (a better Spelling…Angkor What ?), each level was a step of initiation. The Priests were required to answer a riddle before being allowed to ascend to the next level. As we move closer to December 2012, we are operating on the top tier. To get an invitation to the Cosmic Party we are to master the riddle of merging our 3-D reality with 4-D, 5-D, 6-D and beyond-D… SIMULTANEOUSLY. This involves some extraordinary game play.

Below is a brief description of the Dimensional Levels of the Playing Fields:

LEVEL 3: The 3rd-Dimensional reality is bound up by the physical world. In the 3-D realm, we are limited by what we can “perceive” with our eyes, ears, nose, or sense of touch and taste. We only “see” light within the visible part of the spectrum. We only “hear” sounds within the audible range or vicinity. We can only “touch” mass that is of a certain density. This data field keeps us inundated with information of all the “non-sense” (limited perceptions) we have experienced in this lifetime. We have “no sense” of the vast amount of “invisible” data we are missing. This is the MIND field, the home of the Monkey MINDs. We are enslaved by the Maya, asleep to the illusions of the “matrix” net. [Some report the net was a design of the Illuminati, other say the net was put in place by the Ananaki to keep human beings mining gold and creating radiation for their home planet Niribu]. In any case, escape from this Level is a never-ending riddle and the first level of the Cosmic Game.

• LEVEL 4: The 4th Dimension level operates from the SOURCE FIELD. Activation of the Pineal provides entry to this realm. Here Time is non-linear. Past, Present, Future and Timelessness all can be accessed simultaneously. We operate from the quantum playing field of IMAGINATION. We can move from an “entrained slave brain” into the director’s seat, where we can source the experiences of the malleable physical world. Operating from the Quantum Field, we can write our own movie script. The tests and lessons of this level are “Be careful what you ask for.” You will probably get it and all the entanglements involved… which may throw you back into the first level.

• LEVEL 5: The 5th Dimension Realm breaks through the mind net and source field to connect us with Stellar Intelligence or our Higher Self. These Angels or Guardians (Beings of higher frequencies of Light) are only able to enter our awareness if we invite them. These Star Beings surround us and patiently await our invitation for interaction and conversation. At this level we surrender our place in the driver’s seat to the incomprehensible wisdom of these Divine Good Graces. We just become the VESSEL for their expression on the EARTH plane. BONUS ROUND: We get to drop out a lot of our karmic baggage in the process. YES!

• LEVEL 6: The 6th Dimension reality involves mergence with and service to GAIA consciousness. By attuning to her Resonance and song, we are awakened to her Divinity. GAIA’s Kundalini Energy (Shakti) is rising in strength and volume, coming in on waves. The EARTH is tumescent. Her song is Ecstasy. Do not underestimate the pull of GAIA’s Bliss state to inspire adoration and service. All paths lead to HER. We are all serving only One Holiness, MOTHER EARTH. A connection to her field of consciousness can open the access to multi-dimensional beings inhabiting the EARTH. Inner Earth Beings, Underwater Worlds, Thunder Beings, and Trans-Dimensional Beings share the planet with us Humans and are intimately involved in the Evolutionary Birth process.

• Through GAIA we can also get access to BEYOND-D. Portals open to not only different dimensions, but parallel Universes. It gets to be a bit much to grasp, but all cosmic consciousness is inherent in this playing field. Mastery of Multi-Dimensions is the challenge at hand for GAIA’s spiritual sevadores. We must dance with what is in our physical reality, while holding a vision for the future, while being a vessel for stellar light, while being in service and devotion to GAIA. Talk to your plants and rocks. They are the master and experts at this art and can teach us. It’s a good idea to start with yes or no questions.

June’s astrological forces promise an acceleration of the awakening forces on a planetary scale. We are experiencing a Tidal Wave of the Kundalini Energies pulsing through GAIA’s gravitational field. VENUS crossing the SUN on June 5, 2012 intensified the pull to our ARTIST, DANCER, and LOVER. VENUS brings chords of beauty and romance to EARTH’s symphony. But hold on to your pyramid hats. PLUTO adds his DEATH and REBIRTH mandate to the concerto on June 28th. June promises to be a wild ride. Just keep Multi-D Dancing on the planet. R.S.V.P. Invitations are being addressed for the December 2012 COSMIC GRADUATION PARTY.

Amor y Luz, Annandi

“We are Star Dust. We are Golden. And we have to get ourselves back to the Garden.” Joni Mitchell


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3 Responses to 2012 June – THE COSMIC VIDEO GAME

  1. claire says:

    I just love your horoscopes!!! thank you Annie!

  2. Brooke Monfort says:

    Thought provoking, as usual, Annandi. I feel an urge to meditate now. Inspirational and instigational juju work. 😉

  3. Love says:

    So inspiring ! Thank you sweet Annie 🙂

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