More May 2012: Pumping the Magic

On May 22nd, the EARTH moves into the 13th sign Ophiuchus or Serpentarius, the area of the heavens closest to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  In this part of EARTH’s orbit, we are most impacted by the pull of Galactic Center.

Serpentarius only drops into the elliptic (the ring of constellations around our Solar System) during times of Galactic Center crossing.  It is the sign of Shamans, Medicine Men, Mystics, and Dreamers and designates a time when multi-dimensional portals are more easily accessed.  The effects of magical and mysterious forces operating in the unseen Universes are amplified.  Here is where the power lies.


Like the Mayans, Hindu texts reveal knowledge of the 26,000 year greater galactic cycles.  The Churning of the Milky Ocean is a Hindu creation myth depicted in the Temples of Angkor Wat.  54  Devas (Angels) and 54 Assanas (Demons) work in cooperation to churn the Milky Ocean, a metaphor for the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Light and Dark Deities line up on each side of the sacred mountain pulling a giant serpent held by Lord Vishnu.  The Pulling and Pushing action turns the entire cosmos and creates  the Elixir of Bliss (Kundalini energy).

GAIA has been evolving for 4.5 Billion years through ice Ages, Floods, volcanic eruptions lasting millions of years, comet collisions, Pole shifts, and such.  She seems to have an ability to roll with tumultuous changes and miraculously renew and maintain balance.  She has Zebra stripes running through the ocean floors of demonstrating opposite polarities.  About every 300,000 years, what we know as the magnetic North Pole shifts to the South Pole.  That may be what is occurring as we move toward December Solstice.  That could cause some havoc.

Economic melt downs, Earthquakes, Plutonium contamination from Japan, unimaginable military weaponry, Solar flares, and other cosmic forces are challenging the biosphere.  Our oceans and environment are overloaded with toxic substances.  [Some say we are creating an environment more suited to reptilian alien species than humans.]  Hindu myth tells us, if Dark forces are at work, they are equally matched with the forces of LIGHT.   It’s all Demons and Angels pushing and pulling to keep the cosmos spinning.

We human beings are inexorably connected to our surroundings.  ENVIRONMENT, ENVIROMENT, ENVIRONMENT.   Coherence with the Earth’s gravitational field attunes our field… immediately.  In other words, a space which is harmonious with and attuned to Mother Earth will intrinsically contain a coherent flow (vortex) of Kundalini energy.

Experiments with pyramids have demonstrated the ability of a clear field to regenerate tissue, clear tumors, convert poisonous substances to non-harmful biological agents, correct behaviors of genetically damaged mice, etc.  Now, we don’t all have to build pyramids; just “be” the pyramid.

There are many ways to clear the Electro-magnetic field around us.

  • Altars,  Ceremony & Blessings
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Chants, Mantras, Tibetan Bowls.
  • Sage and Incense
  • Rocks & Crystals.  (Fluorite, Hematite, and Obsidian are especially good for clearing.  Quartz crystals amplify and attune the space to higher frequencies.)
  • Natural Sounds clear the field: The Sound of Rain, the Ocean, Birds, Crickets.
  • Vibrant healthy food nurtures and regenerates the field.
  • Mother Nature heals and renews.

The entire planet is doing a class in “fire-walking”.  We are truly treading over hot burning coals.  This is a Spiritual Test.  We must keep envisioning cool damp moss to keep from getting hot feet.

  • Imagine GAIA as a divine consciousness with an intelligence superior to all human kind
  • Imagine our planet resonating with Light and Peace.
  • Imagine a planet which nurtures and sustains all her children.
  • Pump up the Green Dream.
  • Imagine EARTH bathed in Reverence.
  • Imagine Harmony.
  • Imagine On.

Pump up the magic.  June is coming.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


What we picture on our inner screen is driving the movie and can be sculpted with intent.  When the pineal gland is activated, we can move to the point of witness and simultaneously hold the space for planetary ascension.   We must call it forth from the field of imagination. THIS is the causal field.

The evidence for the quantum world and true vibrant nature of the source field destroys all the prevailing concepts of cosmology.  It is like discovering the world is not flat.  We have to redraw our maps and beliefs boxes” to accommodate a “spherical world with multi dimensions.”  Quantum physics takes us into a realm where all possibilities can exist simultaneously within the dynamics of the Source Field; Where “Nothing” creates everything.  And Where Energy and Matter move on the invisible power of intention.  We are not going to fall off the edge of the earth if we travel too far. We are learning to drive from the true source field, the field of imagination.






Hindu mythology also contains a story about the churning of the Cosmic Ocean in order to obtain Amrita – the nectar of immortal life. At the suggestion of Vishnu the gods, (Devas) and demons (Asuras) churn the primeval ocean in order to obtain Amrita which will guarantee them immortality. To churn the ocean they used the Serpent King, Vasuki, for their churning-string. For a churning pole they use Mount Mandara placed on the back of a Great Tortoise – the Kurma Avatar of Vishnu. As the gods and demons churned the sea, a terrible poison issued out of its depths which enveloped the universe. The Devas and Asuras approach Shiva who took the poison into his throat and swallowed it. The poison turned his throat blue, thereby earning him the name of Neelakanta (blue-throated one). When the Amrita finally emerged along with several other treasures the Devas and Asuras fought over it. However Vishnu in the form of Mohini the enchantress manages to lure the Asuras into handing over the Amrita to her, which she then distributes to the Devas. Rahu, an Asura, disguises himself as a Deva and tries to drink some Amrita himself. Surya (the sun-god) and Chandra (the moon-god) alert Vishnu to this deception. Vishnu then decapitates Rahu just as he is about to swallow the nectar, leaving only his head immortal.

According to Bhagavata, outcome of the churning of Ksheerasagara is Halahalam (terribly destructive poison), Amrita (necar) with Dhanvantari (physician of Gods), Lakshmi (Goddess of Riches), Jyestha (Goddess of Poverty), Chandra (the Moon), a white elephant named Airavata, a horse named Uchchaisrava, Kalpavriksha (the tree that yields whatever is desired).

Ocean (the Milky Way) is told in several ancient texts, notably in the Valmiki’s Ramayana Canto 45 [3] and in the Mahabharata.[4]



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