Zoom Article – December 2012: What to Expect

The Mayan Calendar ends on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2012.  The Maya seem to have a grasp of the greater 26,000 year galactic cycle, not addressed by our 365 day Solar Calendar.  According to the Maya, December 2012 is the end of the world as we know it.  As we hurl toward this date, it’s good to have some ideas of what to expect.  Many books have been written on this subject; many theories proposed.  Here are highlights from some of the most-read authors on the upcoming 2012 event.

Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Floods, and the usual run of cataclysmic climate changes, (as seen in 2012, the movie), have been predicted by some native prophecies, as well as sacred text and Harold Camping.  We made it through the May 21st End of the World Day in 2011.  Perhaps the Paradigm Shift will be a little softer than prophesized.  Just in case, you may want to keep a First Aide kit in your purse and perhaps a change of clothes in your car.

UFO sightings and landings.  Spectacular celestial displays are expected from UFO ships at large public gatherings all over the world as the different Star Beings introduce themselves.  There are reported to be many different Star Beings Races of varying shapes and forms, some more attractive than others.  As a general rule, it’s best to avoid the Grays and the Lizards.  These species are not getting good references from their abductees. NOTE:  It has been reported that Teak & Chocolate repel the Reptilian Variety, you might add these to your First Aide Kit.

Alien Bases on the Moon.  The Moon, as reported by David Icke, is hollow and occupied by Extra-terrestrial Races.  Their job has been both to control and spy on humanity.  Their presence and mission should be revealed by December.  Pyramids, cone hats and dolphin shield holons can be helpful to deflect the mind-control signals.

Niribu (Planet X) is returning along with the Ananaki inhabitants, who seeded the human race with their extra-terrestrial DNA, when they needed a slave race to mine gold for their atmosphere.  According to ancient Sumarian Text, they promise to return for the gold and volunteers for the next mining operation on a distant planet.  Beware of Holographic Images of icons in the sky, such as Buddha or Elvis.  This is a common recruiting trick of these joker star lords.

Giants, Dragons, & Inner Earth Beings will emerge from their Lairs, Caves, and Underground Cities to introduce themselves to the humans living on the outer crust.  Water World creatures larger than whales will join the parade of Super-terrestrial we share the planet with.  You might want to watch the Sci-Fi Channel to get ready for these characters and consider what kind of refreshments you might serve.

Simultaneous Multi-dimensions… Some authors suggest a kind of  bleed- through from other dimensions. Suddenly, in December, everyone could wake up to a psychedelic world with cosmic paisley patterns and fantastical beings from those side-by-side dimensions we usually don’t account for. Don’t touch the orbs.  It has been reported they could suck you into another dimension so quickly, you could disintegrate.

Other Authors postulate a fork in the dimensional roads will occur, like an exit ramp on a freeway.  Some beings will merge with the Divine Earth – Garden of Eden planet and experience a Golden Age of 1000 years.  Other beings will be getting assigned to “other projects”  more suited to their disposition.  There will be a dimension for everyone.

Photon Belt emanating from the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy will arrive at Winter Solstice.  David Wilcock suggests we kick back, enjoy good food and company and wait for the photons to hit.  Pura Vida.  On the Winter Solstice the Earth will ascend and the cosmic Golden Age Show will begin.  It promises to be dazzling.

We do not endorse any particular version of the above, but our favorite is the last.  Here at the O3 Institute, we offer a full range of spa services to assist with the dimensional adjustments.    And remember, don’t touch the orbs.


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One Response to Zoom Article – December 2012: What to Expect

  1. Isy Aweigh says:

    And then there’s the heavy belt of galactic dust & the EM pulse the sun will generate in response… I did get a huge whammy last year that a standard hard drive would be a waste of money so I got a solid state drive (they resist EM pulses.) Someday I’ll find out exactly why.

    Will definitely keep chocolate on hand. That’s pretty much a given. Lizardy ETs will have a tough time at my place.

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