January 2012 Parallel Universes

Parallel Act Hypercube

Quantum physicist, astrophysicists, medical investigators, geologists, and scientists in all fields are discovering the same thing.  All matter and sentient beings on our planet (minerals, microbes, plants, animals, & atoms) are made of LIGHT; slowed, reflected, and refracted into the unfathomable, infinite diversity of the creation we exist within.  The Force / Source that allows and arranges all life, as we know it, is simply GRAVITY and Bigger Gravity.  The infinite spiraling variations in life forms are just different vibrations or SOUNDs.  Every single life container, like different musical instruments, sings its own distinct song.  A simple pattern repeats itself from the atom, molecules, the cell, the human body, the EARTH, our Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy, our Galactic Cluster, and includes Parallel Dimensions and Multi-verses.

Cosmologists had been unable to account for the Big Bang until they added the possibility of Parallel Universes.  Only then did the mathematics and theory work.  The physicists conceptualize different universes occurring in layers, like membranes, which they call BRANES. The current theoretical model is that a “collision” or contact between two of these BRANES caused the Big Bang and originated all life in our cosmos.  Now, once you add a single other dimension, you inherently allow for multiple universes, called multi-verses.  The ONLY way the cosmologists can account for creation of our universe is to include parallel dimensions.

The mathematics and geometry of this multi-dimensional model is the Tesseract (cube within a cube).  When motion is added to the model (as it spins), it will assume the shape of an orb within an orb, and energy will flow through it in a shape physicists call the TORUS. The FORCE that creates the physics and the form is Gravity.  In other words, if you drop a rock in a pond, the ripples caused by the rock and the vortex generated underwater by the rock are the shapes we can observe.  The Unseen Force that causes the rock to fall to the bottom, displace the water, forming ripples, vortices, and funnels is Gravity.

The Tesseract Model or Hypercube insist that every form must have a mirror image.  For every action there is an equal, but opposite reaction.  For every form, there is an equal but opposite form (mirror image).  Mass (slowed energy) will manifest in parallel opposites.  For every “yin” there is a “yang”.   For every “dote”, there is an “anti-dote”.  The self-perpetuating life force works like DNA strands, which automatically, spontaneously, magnetically arrange atoms from the environment to create a mirror image of itself during cell-division.  This is how any living system maintains balance and perpetuity.

In the body, if there is a right hand, simultaneously, there is a left hand; mirror images of each other. In our galaxy, on the opposite spiral arm, we should have a twin solar system, with a mirror twin planet.  That’s just how the universe rolls.  Our Milky Way Galaxy should have a “Galactic-Mirror” Twin at the opposite pole of the cluster. If there is an observable cosmos, there is an unseen cosmos (dark matter) in another dimension.  The Divine Intelligence that created all our Universes is based on a simple design of vastly incomprehensible beauty.

[Actually, any manifestation of matter is not just “mirrored”, but occurs in 8 directions or observable dimensions simultaneously:  Right – Left – Up –Down – Front – Back – Inner – Outer… and more. (8×8=64)]

As we begin the last solar cycle moving towards Solstice 2012, we are beginning to get a sense of what gifts are available in the new paradigm or awakened state we are entering.  Expansions in consciousness (what we are aware of) are moving us into an understanding of just how ignorant (unconscious) we have been.  The scientific revelations are humbling, to say the least.  At the same time, they are thrilling, in terms of what they promise for the future.  What we have “not known” is the power of human beings to connect with our higher self (divine twin), journey across time and space, and even access other dimensions. This is just the beginning.  Meditation is the portal.  Activation of the pineal gland is the physiology and biology of contact.

Star Beings, Inner Earth Beings, Divinity in all forms, are all awaiting our invitation.  The EARTH Goddess, GAIA herself, as well as her Rocks, Plants, Animals, the Seas, even our Atmosphere all have consciousness beyond our wildest imagination.  Human beings truly are “dumber than dirt” in terms of historical consciousness.  Human beings were the last to enter GAIA’s “Field of Resonance” or Source Field. We are the fetus among mature adults.  It’s a cosmic joke and a slap on the butt.  We are being birthed.  As we open our eyes, Divinity surrounds us.

We are in a time of awakening to our connection to absolutely EVERYTHING seen and unseen in the cosmos.  Human beings are called to a Mother and Child Reunion.  Mother Earth is our SOURCE and holds our CENTER of Gravity.  Her gravitational field and her environment created and continue to create the possibility for evolution of our species.  We are created in HER image.  Without her oceans and waters, we could not even be conceived.  Without our ancestors in the sea, whales and dolphins, we could never have walked onto the land.   Without the minerals and rocks, we would have no place to land or stand.  Without the plants, we would not have an atmosphere with oxygen to breathe.  GAIA carries us on her back as we journey through time and space.  Without our beautiful Mother Earth, we would have no place to be.  There is a new reverence dawning.  A new state of balance with the land, the seas, the plants, animals, and each other is destined by evolutionary forces and promised by prophesy.   Worlds of light beings from other dimensions hold the space for the paradigm shift.  We are not alone and never have been.

The Astrology for January is, in a word, chaotic.  Every planet seems conflicted, opposed or obtusely angled in some way.  As our mundane planets play discordant notes, the Kuiper Belt Objects promise extra-ordinary events.  (NESSUS, CHIRON, ATHENA dance even closer to NEPTUNE in Aquarius).   These celestial bodies hurdle us into new realms of future technology, revolutionary re-engineering and design, and attunement to a higher harmonic … Spiritual Truths and Weather RULE.  Future generations are gathering their dreams and their voice.   The youth are “sounding” a new resonance into the collective consciousness.  New conversations are being heard around the globe.  Aquarius gives them AIR Time and resets the course for the future..

2012 brings disclosures, revelations, and increasing Kundalini energy into Earth’s magnetosphere.  The veil is lifting.  The End Game is in full swing.  Aquarius focuses our Attention to our AIR element and atmosphere.  The density of EMF (Wi-Fi, microwave cell phone, etc.) and use of frequency weaponry (i.e. HAARP, drones, military satellites) is accelerating so much on the planet, Pyramid hats could be the next fashion phenomena.  The Realities of War Science are becoming more bizarre than anything on the Sci-Fi channel.

Now, back to a simple truth; Meditation is the portal. PERIOD.  In order to access the higher dimensions, the pineal must be activated and “tuned in”.  Meditation is also protection.  Elevating your frequency nullifies (actually blocks) the damaging effects of EMF.

Now, here is the great equalizer:  You cannot be rich enough to get around this step.  You cannot be young enough or old enough to avoid this.  You cannot be hard-working enough, intelligent enough, good enough, powerful enough, wise enough, … ad infinitum enough, to avoid this necessary portal.  Meditation is the key.  Exponentially enhanced gifts are only available if your pineal gland is activated.  Meditate.  Find a place in your schedule to close your eyes and fall into blankness.  Begin with moments.  Exercise your Quietness.

It’s so purely simple.  JUST, Close your eyes, relax and let them “roll in the back of your head”.  Focus your attention at the third eye, a point just above the eyebrow line in the center of the forehead.  Breathe.  Relax and allow this blank field screen of imagination to emerge.  Moving into stillness is the opening of the door.   Moving into silence ignites the luminous body.  Falling into Mother Earth’s Center and Embrace turns on the “cosmic radio”, our communication line into other dimensions.

So simple, yet the resistance from our mental noise is overwhelming.  PRACTICE.  This is our holographic attunement weapon.   This is the battlefield of GAIA’s revolution.


Where ever you are, Broadcast GAIA’s harmonic.  (Your signal is transmitted a minimum of 1000 feet in all directions and can be expanded with intention.)  Occupy the Space around you and expand it.   Occupy Time-lessness… where past, present, and future are all available.  The Grandmothers, our ancestors, and future generations are amalgamated at this presence in time.  Connect with Mother Earth and occupy the consciousness of her oceans, seas, and rivers.  Occupy the wisdom of her rocks, land, and atmosphere.  Connect with your divine highest self and spiritual teachers.  Occupy twin planets and parallel universes.  Occupy other dimensions. Imagine multi-verses.

Ride the galactic wave of emerging transcend-dance.

Celebrate.  2012 is here at last.  It promises to be a year like no other, EVER, on the planet.

Happy New Year… Love & Light … Amor y Luz… Annandi


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