We are under extraordinary astronomical forces as we wind down the end of 2011 and begin 2012. Whether you “believe in” or understand the Mayan Calendar, the astrophysicists, quantum physicists, and cosmologists agree, we are under undeniable astronomical forces. New scientific discoveries insist “the world is not flat”. We are all part of a consciousness awakening, driven by a wave of resonance emanating from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The last year of this grand cosmic cycle begins on the winter solstice, December 22nd. We are in unknown and unknowable territory as we shift into paradigms containing parallel universes (multiverses), space-time reconfiguration, and such. We are on an exciting cosmic ride.

The following is an article written for a local newspaper. Some of this is an expansion of 11-11-11 blog. I have included a forecast for each individual sign.

2011 – Acceleration, Shifts, Leaping in New Directions
2012 – Revelation and Disclosures – Dissolution of the Illusion – Dreams Fulfilled

2011 has been the year of great shifts, leaping in new directions, changing the axis… the “Warp-Speed Accelerated Version”. We have all been shaken, whether we live in an Earthquake zone or not. We all have been rattled and dismantled in some way. We have been asked to leave behind old belief patterns, as our eyes are opened to deeper truths. Cosmic Catapult actions have thrown us onto new paths, to discover greater gifts and contributions. We aren’t done yet. The month of December is a crash course. Put on your Dare Devil Helmets. We may be doing tricks like leaping the Grand Canyon.

As the SUN highlights PHOLUS on December 8th, shocking revelations, epiphanies, and “mind-blowing” events are due. This Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) brings “faster than the speed of thought” enlightenment. New Thought will ignite and spread like a “viral” YouTube video. The unveiling continues. Great Mystery has some surprises in store for us all. December ends with a death and rebirth note, as the SUN highlights PLUTO (December 29th). There can be no turning back as we begin 2012.

The Dimensions are fracturing as we pass through the influence of the greater gravitational field emanating from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. What can we expect? A parade of celestial phenomena… spectacles which have never been seen before. With better “eyes” (telescopes and cameras), the astronomers are witnessing new astounding phenomena almost daily: Bubbles around our galaxy, Diamond planets, Black hole explosions, etc. Soon, we will be seeing with our own eyes, changes in our heavens. Comets and other phenomena such as the Aurora flares and Sun flare activity will amaze our populations. Our eyes are being opened to new realities and greater truths.

Our eyes are actually adapting to “see” fields of energy and into other dimensions. The emerging patterns activate higher states of “knowing” and “seeing” from the “third eye”. The pineal gland is being activated, charged, turned on, and tuned to higher channels on the cosmic radio. The Pineal Gland is the communication deck for access to multi-dimensions. Meditation is the portal. Meditation fires the pineal gland to secrete melatonin and DMT. These crystalline forms can act as receivers of the higher octaves and resonance. The Third Eye is a point in the middle of the brain where we can direct our focus, to change our tune, literally. A short meditation in the morning or brief pause into stillness during our day can be helpful to defrag the mental noise.

Below are Astrological Forecasts for Each of the Signs. (My charts are based on the Sidereal Zodiac, the true astronomical (N.A.S.A.) position of the planets in the Signs and include the 13th Sign Ophiuchus. This system changes most people’s signs, as the western calendar, a calculation, is off. Constellations have stretched and tilted over the last 2000 years.)

Aries = April 18- May 12
With JUPITER in your sign, you are blessed with inspired ideas. When your passion is engaged, you are magnetic and unstoppable. Take on new directions and follow your unique inventions. Great partnerships show up to support new projects. Your lucky stars are shining brightly.

Taurus = May 13- June 20
During these transits you will be more attached and sensitive to your environment than ever. Your connections with your pets and animals will increase. You will find the best wisdom and guidance from Mother Nature. Even you will be uprooted in some way during the times of incredible shifts. But your focus will be on others and helping them to stay centered. You are usually the “rock”, you will be adding some “roll.”

 Gemini = June 21- July 19
Gemini, you in particular, are being pressed to find new directions and long term goals. The cosmos will support your leaping. Breakdowns with health, partners, job, or all of the above can lead to “Breakthroughs” or “Break outs” to a more aligned and inspired life, where relationships and work are play filled and joyful. Jump!

 Cancer = July 20- Aug. 9
MARS is moving through your sign during December and January. You can be fussy and angry or powerful. Old conflicts arise in order to clear them. It is time to severe old ties and move on in a new direction. Cutting unworkable situations from your life will give you a burst of new energy and power. Focus. This planet brings the courage to step out boldly into new adventures.

 Leo = Aug. 10- Sept. 15
Change loving Leo’s are under transits for nothing but, Change, Change, Change. Change your location; a move to a new home, travel, or at least redecorate. Put down “new roots”; this can bring a change in your priorities and values or bring new attachments and bonds into your life. Exercise can help center you during this transit of shifting sands.

 Virgo = Sept. 16- Oct. 29
SATURN moving through your sign has been bringing “teachings” and a “higher education”, even if you aren’t in school. The good news is you are in your final exam period, and by February graduation is at hand. SATURN in Virgo can bring health issues to the fore. It is also a good transit for study of natural healing therapies.

 Libra = Oct. 30- Nov. 22
You can be a powerful asset or partner for others. With JUPITER conjunct your EARTH, you should experience expansion and greater harmony with associates and partners. Your abilities to bring balance and beauty to any situation will be called upon in these next months. Keep your funny hats and sense of humor handy.

 Scorpio = Nov. 23- Nov. 28
The Scorpion has bowed to allow Ophiuchus into the elliptic circle. Only a few true Scorpios remain. Banking and Real Estate are the usual issues, but Scorpios are being strongly affected by the markets, and unpredictable forces in operation during the end of the year, including the weather. Confusion and illusive certainty will keep you adrift somewhat. Get comfortable floating in the zone of unknown for a couple of months and watch the unfolding. Clarity on which direction you will take will come after January.

§ Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 16
The Ophiuchians (Serpent Holder) are empowered during the upcoming months. Find your inner guru or shaman and then use your magical ways to move through the chaos of years end. PHOLUS brings visions, revelations, and dream states to your mundane world. Ceremony and Meditation are especially helpful in this transit of shape-shifting. Your ability to manifest is heightened.

  Sagittarius = Dec. 17- Jan. 19
With PLUTO in your sign, you have been under “diamond-making” pressures, accelerating through 2011. The final transformations occur during December, with rebirth from the ashes following in January 2012. You have been sitting in the chrysalis (caterpillar goo) for a good while. However, the eventual complete butterfly metamorphosis will amaze all those around you. You are getting some harmonies from JUPITER in Aries, blessing your new winged life.

 Capricorn = Jan. 20 – Feb. 15
2011 has been a year of challenges and breakdowns, as the biggest gathering of transformers moved through your sign. However, you should be hitting the pay-off for your efforts in December and January. As you break out of the world as you previously knew it (reinvent yourself), you discover synchronicity, cosmic connections, and new opportunities appearing all around. New Scientific discoveries and technologies contribute to greater realizations and bring a new sense of purpose to your endeavors. Your field of influence is Global.

 Aquarius = Feb. 16 – March 10
NEPTUNE and CHIRON have moved into your sign, bringing earth-shattering changes. Spiritual forces bring sweeping dissolution of anything that is not for your highest good. Surrendering to the white water currents is the only option. Life is a daring Indiana Jones Adventure. There may be some dragons to slay along the way. VENUS joins the pair in December, bringing some romance or artistry to the obstacle course. January is back to the business at hand; leading the revolution.

 Pisces = March 11- April 18
URANUS moving through your SUN sign will keep you shifting and off balance. There is a lot of shaking going on here… Unexpected changes of direction, re-orientation, and a new axis. Uranus can bring lightening bolts out of the blue. The conditions can be stormy, but change rapidly. Be ready to step out of your usual routine, as this transit adds some excitement and spontaneity to your life. VENUS moves into your sign in January. Inspired creativity and artistry will be added to your “now for something totally different” dance.

Love & Light to all, as we usher in the 2012 awakening.  Annandi


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  1. susan kelber says:

    Thank you Annie- I’m here with my friend Linda Valentine and she turned me on to your site!!
    Blessings, Susan

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