11-11-11 FULL MOON, EARTH & JUPITER in Aries

This is a powerful alignment numerologically, as well as astronomically for Ceremony & Connection with Divine Intelligence.  Huge burst of Energies are coming in from the cosmos.  Shock therapy for the entire planet.  Still more acceleration (we are at krazy warp speed now) for realignment and awakenings.

November 15th – SUN enters Scorpio (EARTH enters Taurus)

November 23rd – SUN enters Ophiuchus (13th Sign)

November  25th–  NEW MOON in Ophiuchus

December 8th – SUN conjunct PHOLUS in Ophiuchus

December 10th – FULL MOON in Taurus


Beginning mid November, as the SUN moves into SCORPIO, banking, real estate, and hidden secrets will remain under the spotlight.  Then, around November 23rd, the SUN moves into the 13th sign of Ophiuchus, the direction of the Center of our Galaxy.  We will be under the influence of the magnetic waves of Hunab Ku more than ever.  The night time realignments within the Force Field will be more and more powerful, as the axis of the EARTH (and our personal axis) are being adjusted.  Ophiuchus is the sign of Medicine Men and Shamans.  As the SUN intensifies the energies from this section of the zodiac, a natural pull to ceremony and connection to other dimensions will be evident.  The power to access the Cosmic Information (Consciousness), to synchronize with it, and to use the Field of Resonance to assist in the shift is heightened during this transit.  We can ride the waves into higher states of being.

The 11-11-11 alignments are important for further awakenings on the planet and alignment with GAIAs harmonics.  She is informing us of the Great Cycle changes.  The Field of Resonance or “Source Field” is warping and reconfiguring each of us into higher knowing and understanding.  Divinity is informing itself.

As the SUN highlights PHOLUS on December 8th, shocking revelations, epiphanies, and “mind-blowing” events are due.  This Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) brings “faster than the speed of thought” enlightenment.  New Thought will ignite and spread like a “viral” youTube video.  The unveiling continues.  Great Mystery has some surprises in store for us all.

The Dimensions are fracturing as we pass through the influence of this greater gravitational field.  What can we expect?  A parade of celestial phenomena… spectacles which have never been seen before.   With better “eyes” (telescopes and cameras), the astronomers are witnessing new astounding phenomena almost daily:  Bubbles around our galaxy, Diamond planets, Black hole explosions, etc.   Soon, we will be seeing with our own eyes, changes in our heavens.  Comets and other phenomena such as the Aurora flares and Sun flare activity will amaze our populations.  Our eyes are being opened to new realities and greater truths.  Our eyes are actually adapting to “see” fields of energy and into other dimensions.  The emerging patterns activate higher states of “knowing” and “seeing” from the “third eye”.  The pineal gland is being activated, charged, turned on, and tuned to higher channels on the cosmic radio.

The Pineal Gland is the communication deck for access to multi-dimensions.  The Pineal Gland is our Tesseract Cube.  We don’t have to build a time machine, we are equipped with one.  Meditation is the portal.  Meditation fires the pineal gland to secrete melatonin and DMT.  These crystalline forms can act as receivers of the higher octaves and resonance.  The Third Eye is a point in the middle of the brain where we can direct our focus, to change our tune, literally.  A short meditation in the morning or brief pause into stillness during our day gives us back the controls.  What station are we giving “air” time?  What kind of background music are we broadcasting?   What is the effect of our “story- song” on the people and life around us?  What kind of ripples are we creating?  It’s a full-time job when we are aware of being “on air”.  Tuning into Natural Sounds (Birds and Monkeys) or just Listening to Plants or Rocks, I find can be helpful to defrag the mental noise.

2011 has been the year of great shifts, leaping in new directions, changing the axis… the “Warp-Speed Accelerated Version”.  We have all been shaken, whether we live in an Earthquake zone or not.  We all have been rattled and dismantled in some way.  We have all been left hanging off a cliff in some area of our lives.  Catapult actions throw us into new arenas.  We aren’t done yet.  The next 6 weeks is a crash course.  Put on your Evil Knieval Helmets.  We may be doing tricks like leaping the Grand Canyon.  There can be no turning back as we begin 2012.


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