JULY 2011: the Diurnal Dance of NIGHT & DAY

Every morning at dawn, as the first rays of solar energy hit the planet, we are awakened. A “switch” is flipped In our deepest bio-rhythmic clocks.  Just like the plants, we are “activated” by light and deeply organized around light cycles.  The dance between Day and Night sets the “tempo” and template for all life on the planet… the music is a rhapsody for the Dance partners.

With the SUN’s light, we open our eyes and rise.  We awaken into an active mode and move to the “busy” beat of DAY time.   As the SUN arcs overhead, we become oriented in this EAST to WEST path.  Like a sailor navigating at sea, we attune to the changing tempo of morning, noon, afternoon, and dusk.

When the SUN’s light disappears and the stars begin popping out of the heavens, another “nocturnal switch” is flipped.  NIGHT “falls”, and again we are deeply re-oriented.  The sailor looks to the North Star for position and the constellations in the Southern skies for navigation.  NIGHT gives us in a NORTH – SOUTH orientation.  Light waves emanating from very distant stars in our Galaxy set the cosmic rhythms.  Without the activating sunlight, the force of gravity prevails.  Night time slows the tempo, We are pulled  into a downward spiral.  [Even though you can over-ride the normal light cycles with bright lights at night.  The natural bio-rhythm doesn’t change, it just creates stress for the organism.]

In the midnight hours we are rocked by lullaby into the unconscious sleep state.  Deep in REM time, our internal gyroscope (our axis) is reset into realignment with the axis of the EARTH.  The axis of the EARTH is alignment with Galactic Center.  This re-set button stimulates the pineal to produce endorphins, DMT and neurotransmitters, that re-energizes the entire system. During the day we are energized and re-sourced by this recharged Kundalini pump.  This Night~Day Dance works like gears on a cosmic clock… tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Our star, the SUN, is just one single star among count-less millions swirling around our Milky Way Galaxy.  A huge ball of stars clusters around her center (a black hole).  The Mayans speak of Great Galactic Center as the Galactic Butterfly or Hunab Ku.  Our tiny Sun twirls to HER cosmic rhythm, at the far end of one of her dancing arms.  Lining Up with the Greater Gravitational Pulls of Galactic Center in 2012 is a BIG DEAL.  She has Unfathomable, Unimaginable Gravity at her center.  A BLACK HOLE is the SOURCE (consciousness) that birthed AAALLLL matter in her swirling disc of light and space .    Hunab Ku is the Mother Womb which birthed all the stars, planets, solar systems, and life forms in her dominion.  Her awesome show of LIGHT & DARK, like the swirl down the drain, reveals nothing but her motion. … A slow motion dance of GRACE, occurring in TIME & SPACE.

According to the Mayans, Hunab Ku is the gateway to all the consciousness that has ever existed in this our Milky Way Galaxy.

The fastest rays of our star, the sun are in the Ultra-Violet part of the spectrum. These highest frequencies arrive first.   The slowest, Infra-Reds, are the last to arrive and the last to leave at sunset. There are even faster moving (higher frequency) cosmic waves in the non-visible range. These waves arrive in the moments before dawn and begin flipping ON the awakening switch.   We we are just mili-seconds away from Galactic Dawn in 2012.  According to the Mayan Calendar, we are completing our 13,000 year “Galactic Night cycle”.  In the same way the first waves of light end the night and begin a new day, The RESONANCE (higher frequency waves) from Galactic center, are here and flipping cosmic switches.  The Resonance waves will continue to accelerate through 2011…  like an annoying maternal alarm clock, persistently signaling our deepest bio-rhythmic clocks into the awakened state.   GREAT Mother is ringing the enlightenment gong all over the world.  Sleepy time is over; dawn is near. AWAKEN.  This is a time, like no time ever, ever, ever known before.   We are in unknowable territory.  GREAT MYSTERY is unveiling.

Around June 18th to 19th three days after the eclipse), the EARTH lined up closest to Galactic Center in its annual orbit around the sun. The reset button is being pushed… SERIOUSLY… seriously PUSHED.  Midnight re-alignments and axial shifts are happening all over the entire globe, no matter where you are sleeping.  The greater gravitational pull of Galactic Center is bringing powerful attunements to the planet… this is a HUGE understatement.

The Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO’s) carry the Resonance from Galactic Center into our mundane lives (Solar System).  These ICY GIANTs each contribute their rendition to the Ascension Symphony.  They are pressing us to look beyond our Daily (SOLAR) lives to see the greater COSMIC picture.  PLUTO and VESTA played their notes in late JUNE.  (Those should continue to echo through the summer.)  PALLAS ATHENA joins the symphony in the first week of JULY.

ATHENA represents GAIA as the AIR element.  She was the Goddess of War, but also known for her Peace Making Abilities.  She had a brilliant intellect and could discern when to bring in the Warriors and when to bring the Roses (or Olive Branch).  An Owl rode on her shoulder. .. a constant companion giving her clear insight and night vision.

ATHENA is awakening our consciousness about the AIR, our ATMOSPHERE, and the space around us.  Our connection to Oxygen (Prana) comes through the element of AIR. We need it to breathe.  We share our ATMOSPHERE with all the life in the seas and on land.  The oceans, rivers, plant and animal life, and weather systems all depend on balance within our atmospheric bubble.  The AIR element interweaves ALL life forms within the planetary system.

ATHENA also asks us to look deeply at War & Peace issues, on both a personal and global level.  A Field of Universal consciousness is blooming.  Concepts like war, nuclear weapons, unconscious pollution of the AIR are incongruous to the awakened heart.

[I want to add a note about TIME.  Time, as we know it, is bending and stretching.  Our Gregorian Calendar only chronicles our annual orbit around the SUN (365 days +/-) and is based on calculation that isn’t quite right.  The Mayan Calendar measures the Greater Cycles (26,000 years) of our Milky Way Galaxy and goes back over 3  billion years,  The two do not overlay.  Our calendar counts things (days/night cycles).  The Mayan calendar is about cosmic TIMING… tempo, which is different. ]

From June to December 2011, the acceleration of Galactic RESONANCE will continue.  Tremendous changes and challenges are upon us to make this paradigm shift.  Heads up for August, as EARTH makes her closest pass to 3 more ICY GIANTS.  NESSUS, CHIRON, CERES join the planet NEPTUNE in bringing more extra-ordinary break-downsand unforseeable events.   It’s going to be a shape-shifting summer.  Hold on.  GAIA and GREAT MYSTERY are orchestrating the show.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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