2011 June – KBO’s & Kundalini Pumps

[Mississippi floods, Tornadoes, Arab-African revolutions, and… the Rapture.  We made it past the End of the World predictions for May 21st, only to be left in a state of undefinable bewilderment.  The world wide media hype was so big, it makes you wonder what they are distracting us from.   With phenomena reaching a new level of weird, there seems to be nowhere else to go but cosmic joke material.]

During the month of June, we will be encountering the energies of 3 Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO’s), PHOLUS and PLUTO and VESTA.  Expect more extra-ordinary events from these celestial bodies of dynamic transformation.  Really?  Could it get even more bizarre?  The summer of 2011 will continue to roll out global events and weather we haven’t seen before.

As the SUN (at the center of our Solar System) appears to travel through the constellation of Taurus; in fact, the EARTH is moving through the sign of Ophiuchus, the “new” 13th sign.  <more about Ophiuchus>

During the day we are encouraged to plant and interact with the earth element.  Taurus is a time for establishing a good root system or laying the ground work for any projects.

During the night, as the EARTH turns away from the SUN, we are impacted the most by the opposite sign, Ophiuchus (used to be Scorpio).  This constellation denotes the area of the heavens closest to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Here, in this area of our orbit, we are most impacted by the greater gravitational pull of Galactic Center.  At night while we sleep, we are being deeply realigned and re-oriented.  Ophiuchus is the sign of Shamans, Medicine Men, Mystics (as well as outrageous hats) and designates a time when multi-dimensional portals are more easily accessed.  The effects of magical and mysterious forces operating in the unseen Universes are amplified.  Force fields, such as Dark matter and Black Holes, are revealing new scientific understandings in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics.  AND Ophiuchus brought mankind the knowledge of plants and herbs for use in healing and medicine.   Miraculous curative properties from the plant kingdom are being re-discovered. .. the power of GAIA’s medicine re-realized.

On June 2nd, the EARTH comes closest to (aligns with) the position of PHOLUS.  This Icy Giant was known in myth as the “foolish wise man”.  While partying with his friend CHIRON, he stumbled into transformation by accidental stupidity.  Curious about the arrows of Hercules, he accidentily dropped one on his foot.  It was poisonous and killed him instantly (ego-death).  PHOLUS brings us the possibility of “instantaneous enlightenment”, revelations, and epiphanies… faster than the speed of light, as fast as a thought.

Keywords for PHOLUS are:  Awakening; Divinely-inspired Revelation (Data from the Cosmic, Universal Intelligence rather than a google search);  Borderline situations (as in risky and dangerous); Border lines (such as the Mexican border or borders in the Middle East);  Freeing, Releasing, Liberating actions; Unstable and shocking situations.

[Harold Camping and the Rapture phenomena is a great example of a PHOLUS visit … to someone who had a big advertising budget.  The water park ride the collective consciousness is on is getting wilder and weirder.  All I can say is… the Neural Net that connects us all must be of a substance more like silly string than the ordered web of a spider.]

PHOLUS was discovered in 1992 by an American astronomer, interestingly traveling near CHIRON.  It’s discovery came “accidentally” as Voyager and the Hubble telescope were studying Neptune.   Unlike CHIRON, which is pretty much grey, PHOLUS is very red; in fact, the reddest known object in our solar system.  Its infra-red spectrum has a feature in the 2 micron region that has never been seen before.  One postulation is that it is a new state of water, created by millions of years of bombardment by cosmic rays.  Perhaps PHOLUS carries a “new state of being” for H20, previously not possible here on EARTH; previously not even conceivable.

JUNE 22nd – 25th, the  EARTH encounters two more Icy Giants:  PLUTO (Lord of the Underworld) then VESTA, (the High Priestess).  This area of the zodiac is the high-fire point in the cosmic, comic crucible.  PLUTO and VESTA are squaring off to Uranus and the “Rapture” planet alignment on one side of the heavens and SATURN on the other.  It’s creating some unimaginable tension in the cosmos.

PLUTO’s invisible helmet allows him to rule the tectonic plates and underground activities from the unseen worlds.  PLUTO rules plutonium.  Pluto action involves cataclysmic changes, war, tragedy, death and destruction… and then, Rebirth, a Phoenix from the Ashes revival; like winter-summer cycles, like sleeping-waking cycles.  PLUTO is intense, serious, and unyielding.  VESTA represents GAIA herself as the fire element.  The High Priestess kept the sacred fires burning in the temple and kept the knowledge of Delphi.  She could also be represented by Goddesses like Kali, Pele, Maya, ruling the heat of the earth’s core.  These two are a powerful pair of transformers, [not a couple you want to invite to dinner.]  They are acting to bring enlightenment to government systems, religious and educational institutions, infrastructures, and world trade (Sagittarius & Capricorn.)   PLUTO brings the birth contractions, VESTA sanctifies the process.  The whole globe is involved in this paradigm shift.  We are in unknown and unknowable territory.  PLUTO and VESTA are the dynamic duo that can enhance the press into our “diamondness” and deliver “awakening”.


The EARTH is a Kundalini pump (Gravity pump), which produces energy from changing the states of elements, primarily water.

WATER FALLS…  Water flows through the oceans, rivers, and atmosphere (weather) pulled by the center of gravity at the EARTH’s core… pumping the generator of all life on the planet.

Water can exist in different states:

  • as an atomic charge  (H2O or  H+  OH )     =   FIRE element
  • as a gas (steam)                    =  AIR element.
  • as a liquid form(water)       =  WATER element
  • as a solid form (Ice)             =  EARTH element

It is all water, just moving at different speeds.   So, which state has the most weight? Responds the most to gravitational pull?  We generally assume it is the solid form.  It seems that the physical form is the densest; but ice floats and steam rises.  The heaviest state of water (that we know of, yet ) is the liquid form.  This is the truest, neutral expression of water (responds the most to pull).  The same is true of other elements, such as carbon.  The heaviest, molten form is pulled by gravity to the center of the Earth, forming the liquid core and generating energy (heat).  [The temperature at the center if the Earth is the same as the surface of the Sun… it’s very hot.]  At the very, very center is the very densest state, when the atoms are packed closest together, the crystalline form.  The crystalline form of carbon is DIAMOND.

Innate to this system is a constant acceleration (“fall” or pull to center) which produces an equal but opposite “catapult” action… like the half-pipe.  GAIA’s gravity pump is a perpetual motion machine, fueled by the heating and cooling variations of day and night.  This diurnal dance between the SUN and the EARTH creates a gentle rocking effect in the molten core.  The rocking motion at GAIA’s center causes the high and low tides of our oceans, not the moon.  This innate cadence drives her Kundalini pump and is the background rhythm for all life forms on the planet.


Humans have Kundalini pumps and chakra systems, just like GAIA.  We are made in her image.  We have

  • a mental body  =  FIRE element
  • a spiritual body =  AIR element;
  • an emotional body = WATER element
  • a physical body =  EARTH element

The heaviest form is not the physical.  Like the snowflake, there is a lot of space in the physical form.  The emotional body is the densest.  The “fall” and “catapult” actions of gravity creates our heart beat and pumps blood through our bodies.  The flow of cerebral spinal fluid through our spinal cord (meninges) and butterfly ventricles in the brain runs on the same gravity.   A gentle rocking at our core is the source of our energy, just like the Earth.  When we are deep in REM sleep, the pineal gland releases endorphins (melatonin, DMT, and other neurotransmitters) into the brain and guts.  The pineal gland “resets” our Kundalini pumps back into cadence with GAIA… re-sourcing our bodies with neutral gravitational field, correcting the chakras spin.  We may not “remember” these states from our dreamtime, but after a good night’s sleep, we should awaken feeling lighter and renewed.  Shifting emotional states, like high and low tides, are a natural part of moving from the “unconsciousness” state of sleep into the “consciousness” of being awake.  Flowing with emotional states creates dynamic power in the system.  Resisting emotional states diverts flow.

Meditation resets and re-sources the pineal gland to this natural cadence (pull of gravity) during the awakened, conscious state.  Mystics refer to it as “dreaming the dream awake.”  Meditation charges retinal tissues in the “third eye” with light… or lightness.  Meditation creates a state of relaxation and much much more.  The “Third Eye” or “Mind’s Eye” is where we “see” when we “imagine”.   By focusing our attention on this “inner screen”, the pineal gland is activated to secrete “entheogens”… substances that allow us access to states of higher consciousness.  Meditation is the KEY.  Powered by meditation, we can fly into other dimensions and shamanic realms. The “Gravity Field” is “Up” this month as we move through the constellations closest to Galactic Center.  The cosmic wi-fi signal is at 4 bars.  It’s a good transit to “Surf the Other Internet”.


Plants have super-consciousness… a cosmic awareness that comes from evolving here on the planet for billions of years.  Plants existed for a long, long, long time before animals came along.  In fact, single cell organisms like Blue-Green algae were responsible for creating an environment suitable for most other life forms.  They thrived when the planet had high levels of radiation and toxic hydrocarbon gases, eventually producing the oxygen-rich atmosphere that supports life as we know it.   Animals were the perfect symbiotic creation for plants.  Plants convert CO2 to oxygen.  Animals complete the cycle of converting oxygen back to carbon dioxide (CO2).  Mother Nature keeps a simple balance.

In a field of gravity, powered by water flows through the system, plants create MASS (roots, stems, leaves, flowers) from LIGHT (photosynthesis).  The Kundalini pump in plants, because they are “rooted”, is always truly synchronized to the flow of Shakti through the EARTH herself.  Basically, plants are always in a meditative state.  They always have access to other dimensions and realities, that we can barely imagine.  Some plants willingly give us a hint of “the cosmos through their eyes”, like Ayuhausca, peyote, and other ethno-botanicals.  This is just the tiniest peak into their reality and a promise of what awarenesses are available for us.  Super-consciousness is barely imaginable to most humans.  If you need to know anything, ask a plant, any plant.  All plants are full of knowledge.  We have known the magical healing properties of some plants, like aloe vera, but even common house plants “see” multi-dimensionally.  When Mayan Shamans are asked where they get the information for the Mayan calendar and understanding of the greater galactic cycles, they say the plants told them.   Plants are able to impart their consciousness to us, if we are open to it.  If we acknowledge their cosmic super-reality, they will respond to our intentions perfectly.  Talk to your plants.  They have all the secrets of the Universe.  Eat and enjoy their taste, color, and nurture.  Take into your being their divinity, as well.  Everything will taste better.   Plant your garden with intention and watch it amazingly respond.

Amor y luz, Annandi


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