Ophiuchus: the 13th Sign of the Zodiac

Ophiuchus, (also known as Serpentarius), is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Unlike most constellations, the Serpent Holder is named for a real person, Imhotep, who lived in Egypt in the 27th Century, B.C.  He is positioned in the sky between two parts of a serpent, and as the story goes, after he observed a snake bringing herbs to another snake, he brought the concept of healing and medicine to mankind. The snake or serpent symbol, (Staff of Caduceus), is used as a symbol of medicine and healing to this day. Ophiuchus (pronounced: OFF-ee-YOO-kuss) was killed by the Gods, as they didn’t want him sharing the secrets of immortality with humanity, but he was given a place in the heavens in recognition of his contribution.

Ophiuchus is the sign of Shamans, Mystics, Medicine Men and Natural Healers. The characteristics associated with this sign includes great influence with political authorities and heads of state, and inclusion with grand social gatherings. Ophiuchus was known for his colorful, extravagant costumes and unusual headdresses or hair styles. The influence of Ophiuchus includes the carrying of power objects and symbols of spirit connections. This could include everyone from Native American or Mayan Shamans to Elvis and Lady Ga Ga! (I’m immediately reminded of Aretha Frankln at Obama’s inaguration. What a wonderful hat! And “The Queen of Soul” has been putting on “Medicine Shows” for decades.) The specialty of Serpentarians is travel in other dimensions.

Ophiuchus now appears from behind the Sun from Nov. 29th to Dec. 17th. The change fom twelve signs to thirteen signs in our Zodiac is a shift occurring because of the TILT of our entire solar system. Ophiuchus is a constellation that “appears” to dip into the elliptic. This phenomena occurs when the plane of our solar system shifts as it crosses the Equator of Galactic Center.  Ophiuchus embodies the qualities of a 13, a phenomena that occurs only temporarily during a specific cycle, then disappears or steps back into obscurity. The constellations of the Zodiac are the 360-degree circle of stars that surround our solar system (see headline graphic). Visible within the elliptic of our Milky Way galaxy, these constellations appear to move across the night sky. In truth, the constellations themselves are not moving as they appear. It is the EARTH’s Day/Night spin and orbit around the SUN that changes – thereby giving us a slow-motion picture of constantly changing perspectives of the heavens.

The Zodiac gives us our yearly calendar in monthly divisions of our annual orbit around the sun, which marks our change of seasons. The TROPICAL Zodiac, with which most Westerners are familiar, is based on the Gregorian calendar and a mathematical calculation of the date of Equinox. Unfortunately, after 2000-years, the math is off by 26-degrees – almost a full sign. In contrast, the SIDEREAL Zodiac (used by Vedic, Chinese, and many European Astrologers) is based on the actual astronomical position of the SUN. In other words, if you rose before dawn to see which constellation the sun was rising in, you would witness the Sidereal zodiac position, not the Tropical.

Our heavens have changed over the last 2000 – 3000 years. As an astrologer, my feeling is that these changes are hugely significant and important to consider, while some other astrologers cling resolutely to the twelve as if the cosmos is standing still. But to really understand the importance of these days we’re living in, we need to check where we are in “Galactic Time.”

We know the Earth travels around the Sun in about 365-days, and that our entire Solar System revolves around the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It takes 26,000 years for our galaxy to complete this orbit, also called a Baktun or “Galactic year.” Galactic Time is very, very, very slow.  Really slow.  If you said, “I will be there in a minute,”  on our clock, but you were speaking in Galactic Time, you wouldn’t arrive for four-hundred Earth Years!  It takes sixty-six years to move one degree (of 360 degrees), so we don’t see personally much Galactic Time change in a lifetime.

The Mayans were the master Time Keepers of this Greater Cycle. They have the records of our Earth’s evolution going back three-million years, and have a grasp of time that most of us can’t even begin to fathom. Our Earth and Solar System have been traveling in the Southern Hemisphere of Galactic Center for 13,000 years.  In 2012, we cross the Galactic Equator before moving into the Northern Hemisphere. This is a huge deal in Galactic Time. Our planet has been evolving consciousness for a long time to get to this point. And we are in an acceleration process as we approach the rim of this Greater Gravitational Field. The Mayan Calendar speaks of this “Event” as a Dimensional Shift or Blossoming.  As we move into a position where we are influenced by the greater gravitational fields from Galactic Center, the consciousness of “GAIA as Divinity” dawns evermore. Heightened Earth changes, weather system abnormalities, solar flares, problems with electro-magnetic fields (electrical grids and satellite transmissions) will likely occur.

Bubbles discovered at the center of the Milky Way

“The Milky Way is home to at least 200-billion stars and their planets. With a mass between 750-billion and 1-trillion solar masses (one solar mass=the mass of our sun), and a diameter of  100,000 light years (light would take 100,000 years to travel from one side to another), it is a massive object.

Investigations of the hydrogen clouds contained within the Milky Way show us that our galaxy is a spiral galaxy. Our sun lies in the spiral arm of the Milky Way named Orion. There are many types of galaxies, and they are usually categorized by their shape as elliptical, irregular or spiral.
Our galaxy appears shaped like a disk when viewed from the side which is 100,000 light years across and 1-2 light years thick, and has a spiral shape when viewed from above. In the center of the disk lies a thin layer of  gas and dust. In 2005, a huge bubble was discovered above and below our galaxy, like a central bulge or nucleus containing a large, black hole. It was named “Ophiuchus Super Bubble.”

Personal astrology is becoming less important, as all of us “riding” on planet EARTH consider the bigger picture of Galactic cycles.  All beings are being re-aligned and re-tuned to GAIA’s hamonic (gravitational song).  We are blessed to be here in the Paradise of Costa Rica, where the precious gifts and beauty of Mother Nature are undeniable.  Costa Rica is a world leader in  “Green Consciousness” and the importance of sustaining our environment.

Try on your SIDEREAL sign (below) and see if it resonates with you.  If you were born during the day, the SUN sign personality will predominate. If you were born at night, then the sign that the EARTH was traveling through (always opposite the Sun), will be more influential.

ARIES            April 18 – May 13         Element=Fire

Independent, head-strong Aries is born under the sign of Divine Ideas.  New Ideas and Inventions.  Inspired by Spring and Dawn, they are great at starting a new day, new project and planting seeds.  An Aries would enjoy a Solitary walk on the Beach at Sunrise or trying something brand new, like Fire-Dancing.

TAURUS        May 13 – June 21          Element = Earth

Solid, like a Rock, and practical, (sometimes immovable), Taurus are deeply connected to  Mother Earth and particularly animals.  Grounded in the NOW,  if you need something done, ask a Taurus, they are always ready to help others. They would enjoy Monkey Tours, Hiking, Horseback riding on the beach, and building sand castles.

GEMINI           June 21 – July 20          Element = AIR

Playful, joyful Geminis are our communicators and musicians.  The Gemini mind can change like the wind, but is always open to new directions and opportunities.  A Gemini would enjoy the music scene:  Reggae Night at Chico’s Bar, Disco at D&N,  or spontaneous drumming at Organic Market on Saturdays…  and a visit to the Butterfly Farm.

CANCER           July 20 – August 10          Element = WATER

Cancers can be nurturing and loving or Emotional and “crabby”… with mood changes like the high and low tides.   They LOVE the WATER, a natural sign for surfers.  Get them to the beach or hike to the waterfalls.  They also LOVE FOOD and would enjoy the great variations offered by our local restaurants.

LEO                    August 10 – September 16         Element = FIRE

Energetic and active Leos love travel, sports, dancing, and the SUN.  Surfing, Hiking, Seeing the Sights, would keep the Leo happy.  Our Natural Leaders, they can be the “stars of the show”, but will be enamored by a night under the stars.

VIRGO          September 16 – October 30          Element = EARTH

Virgo’s teach us, heal us, and serve us.  They are very connected to Plants and Herbs and excel at gardening, cooking, and natural healing.  A Virgo would enjoy Botanical Tours, exploring for orchids, and the exotic tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs available at Organic Market on Saturdays.

LIBRA           October 30 – November 23          Element = AIR

Libras bring us Beauty, Peace, Balance, and Harmony.  This is the sign of contemplation and philosophy.  They are great listeners, love to read, and have a lyrical facility with language.  They carry lightness and are our natural Jokers and commedians.  Libras would enjoy a yoga or meditation class, a day in the hammock with a good book, and definitely…  Sunset experiences.

SCORPIO          November 23 – November 29          Element = WATER

This is the sign of Bankers, Real Estate, & Stock Market Investors, but Scorpios have a hidden side.  Mystery, magic, poetry and passion are qualities the Scorpio can reveal. Full Moon parties on the Beach, a Tour of Arenal’s Volcano & Hot Springs, and Romantic dinners would all entice a Scorpio.

OPHIUCHUS      November 29 – December 17

The Scorpion has bowed it’s head to allow Ophiuchus into the circle.  Look for great hats, big gatherings and outlandish dress.  They love to put on a show.  They don’t need a travel guide; they are the entertainment.

SAGITTARIUS          December 17 – January 20          Element = FIRE

The Sagittarians bring us a connection to the larger group or community.  The sign of the Higher Mind and Higher Education, they are often the Professors, Judges, Priest, or community leaders.  They love an expansive vista of the ocean or the mountains and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors in general.  They always enjoy learning something new, expanding the mind… perhaps a Surfing lesson, Spanish class, or Ecological study.

CAPRICORN           January 20 – February  16       Element = EARTH

This is the sign of tradesmen, artisans, entrepreneurs and business owners.  They bring a natural sense of our interconnected to our planet and each other.  Great with a camera or video, they tend to focus on global level issues.  You will find a Capricorn exploring the Vendors tables or local shops, in the Internet café or at the Montezuma Film Festival in November.

AQUARIUS          February 16 – March 11          Element = AIR

Aquarians are our revolutionary thinkers.  They are willing to take radical new paths  and operate “outside-the-box.”  They move from an inspired vision for the future (leading edge).  They are intellectual, charismatic, and exciting.  Aquarians are great with computers and have a natural ease with foreign languages, cultures, and customs.  They would enjoy the high excitement of Canopy Tours,  Mountain Board Trails or a great lightning storm in the rainy season.

PISCES              March 11 – April18                 Element = WATER

Pisces carry a natural connection to the oceans and all sea life.  They resonate to the natural ebb and flow of the tides and shifting sands of the Beaches.  Sailing, Fishing, Underwater diving, Whale Watching, or collecting Sea Shells would inspire the Pisces.  The sign of Dreams, Fantasy, and Imagination, Pisces can encourage us to let go of our worries and stresses, relax at the Spa, and star gaze on the beach.


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